Friday, March 27, 2015

Lest We forget my Other Book

The tendency is to think I only wrote the Sabrina Strong series, when long before I wrote that one, I wrote my crazy story about a oxymoron witch from another planet who has to hide from a desperate dark wizard who wants to steal a stone that she is keeper of. In order to avoid him at all costs, she opts to come to Earth.

In a way, this is something of a mixed genre. Here you have Zofia Trickenbod who is a witch (paranormal), who is not from our world, but from another (science fiction). She has left her world believing her husband (sorcerer), is dead. In the beginning of the story, she opens the door to her husband, and soon learns he isn't dead, but... uh... well he's undead. Yup. He's a vampire.

There were two things that inspired me to write this adult mish-mash of sci-fi and paranormal genres. It was the TV show Bewitched, which I grew up watching, and then the Harry Potter series which I could not get enough of. The magic, pace and excitement of the Rowling's series had me prowling the bookstores for something more... well adult to read. Which I couldn't find at the time. So, I wrote it. 

It has plenty of action, lots of kookie characters (including an invisible servant who is both cantankerous and ill tempered at times). Oh, sure, there is a black unicorn who loves to munch on Zofia's flowerbeds. Meanwhile Zofia is miffed about how her husband didn't send her a note of some sort telling her he was still around--she went years thinking he was dead, the least he could have done was let her know, for crying out loud. Before she got involved with the handsome cop of the small burg she lives in. But when Dorian (husband), becomes the prime suspect of a murder, and arrested, she's bound and determined to spring him out, and try and turn him back into a sorcerer, all while trying to figure out where Blood (the evil sorcerer) is before he can make her life more difficult, and expose the fact she's a sorceress.

I have three very nice reviews there at Amazon. It would be nice to have more. Hopefully Amazon doesn't whack those few I do have off the board. Well, I can only do so much. When this book first came out, I had a wonderful book signing at Borders. A lot of people bought the book that way. Thus, you can't get a review from people who bought elsewhere on Amazon, I don't think. But, if you do happen to buy on Amazon, and you loved it, do give it a review. I would appreciate it.

And, by the way, it will go on sale starting Monday, the 30th, for .99 again.

Have a great weekend!

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