Monday, June 29, 2015

Ascension On Sale This Week!

Something told Sabrina that the interview with the vampire for Something told Sabrina that the interview with the vampire for this job wasn't going to go so well when she was attacked by a werewolf, and then the vampire sucked the venom out, telling her she'd probably be okay. But then he takes her in his car into the city, and she winds up in his bedroom... and that's only in the first two chapters in this first book in the Sabrina Strong series.

Lorelei Bell makes the incredible credible – a mark of a great story teller – and what a world she's created: Vampires, Shape Shifters, and Werewolves as they coexisting with the human race, and sometimes it's difficult to tell who is the most inhuman.”

After the death of her father, Sabrina Strong, a touch clairvoyant, is hired to solve the murder of Letitia, Bjorn Tremayne's life-time mate. She is quickly immersed in romantic trysts and danger. Megalomaniac vampires are planning to take over and rule the the North American Vampire Association for their own greedy desires. 

I reached to turn on the light. He stopped me with his voice. “No. Leave it off . . . for now.”
I retracted my hand and settled it on top of the covers as I stared up at him.
You are a temptation to me, Sabrina.” His voice was low, vibrating in my ears in a way that perhaps a cello might. Calm, sedate, and yet with the promise of something wonderfully exciting, and something wicked hidden beneath the beauty of this other worldly creature here in my room. I could hardly believe it was happening. But it was.
His chilly fingers feathered over my brow, moving strands of my hair away from my cheeks. Those same fingers slid down my cheek to the side of my neck, and paused at the pulse there at the jugular. My eyes slipped shut. Was he using his vampire charms on me to seduce me?
He released a breath.
Opening my eyes, I found he studied me in the dark, his hands slipping across the edge of my nightgown at the ties of the neck. I felt him loosen it, and spread the material open, availing my neck and the upper portion of my chest to him. My breath caught in me.
Are you going to kiss me?”
Yes.” He leaned in. “Do not move,” he whispered. His breath slipped over my skin as his head dipped down and I somehow not only held still but held my breath.
The face hovered over me . . . long, wavy black hair cascading down . . . I saw his face, stark against the black of his hair as he bit me on the arm . . . I thought he was the most elegant-looking man I had ever seen.


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