Friday, February 26, 2016


Today is a blog of various things, so bare with me.

First off, ALL FOUR ebooks of the Sabrina Strong series are on sale at .99 each. You can go here for that. The sale has just begun, today, February 26 and continues through March 3.

Yesterday a copy of Cat Whisperer came in the mail. I sent for it for my husband. This is a true account of a female feral cat which wandered into our yard and we began feeding. The story revolves around my husband, who was always a "dog" person. He took care of her, her litter, and the litters that follow from one of the off-spring. It's something of a "love-triangle" between the cats, their behavior, survival, and our own emotions over helping them survive.
The paperback is just under $10, and would make a great gift for those who love cats, and other animals.

So, there you have it. My quickie post today.

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