Friday, May 27, 2016

Fat Bumble Bees

The bumble bees around here are big and fat, my husband and I have noticed. It's like they've taken steroids. You have to get out of their way when they fly because they may give you a concussion. They're large enough to carry off small dogs and children... well, not that big. Around here they nest under ground, so it behooves a gardener to watch where a bumble bee is heading before moving rocks or other things.

My husband has a story of when he was very young, he stole play money from somewhere, and when he went to retrieve it under a rock, he got stung by a bumble. He never did that again--um steal, that is. And, he's never been stung by one again, and always "saves" them if they are trapped inside somewhere.

In the woodland garden, meanwhile, my project is coming along, but the deer seem to love everything I plant. I had dug up some phlox from the ditch, transplanted 4 large plants and found to my dismay that deer do, indeed, love these. One plant was pretty much stripped of leaves--I have reservations as to whether this plant will survive, but the others may, as they've only been munched on. I would have been pissed off in the past, but these days I just shrug, and went and got tomato cages and chicken wire and put these around the plants. I hope to get some deer fence--so called that as it's supposed to deter deer with some scent they don't like. I'd like to see this work, but at the same time wouldn't trust it 100%.

In other news, one morning we noticed some debris coming out of a hole in the catalpa tree, just under where the wood ducks were nesting. Yeah. This was nesting from those ducks. We noticed one broken egg shell. We do have a few raccoons. I didn't want to jump to the obvious conclusion, but one will never know exactly what happened.

I'd become warmer and more humid, have had some rain in past day or so, and more on the way, so work out in my woods is limited. Oh, and the mosquitoes, of course, made their appearance this week as well.

In other news, my first book of series, Ascension, has, as of this morning sold 112 ebook copies for the month. I've never had any one book sell that many copies before. I've had all books sell over 100 in a month, of course, but this is different. In one day I sold 40 copies--hard to believe it didn't go closer to being #1--or at least in the top 100. But not. It was doing well (#90) in different categories like vampires, psychics, etc. But I've seen it better in those too. Must have been a busy selling day, back on Monday, I guess.

Well, I've been off for only two weeks and it feels longer, somehow. I've gotten a lot done around here, inside and out. Yesterday I cleaned the house, and today, not sure what I can do other than work on the book, as there is a threat of rain in area.

I plan on painting the steps which have never been painted--never had time to do it until this year. Also I want to paint the bathroom. Every room needs painting. Even my office needs to have a little light patching with orchid. My husband can't keep up with me. He is amazed at my energy. I'm amazed at my energy. And my ideas won't quit as to what I want to do.

So, this is my update on what's been going on. Sorry I can't share pics because my computer is too old to take any photos from our cell phone and I won't pay for an update. Especially since I'm planning on getting a lap top. I think I might be able to afford one this year.

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