Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Irritable Owl Syndrome

image from JK Rowlings on Twitter

In case you haven't heard, there is a brand new Harry Potter book released TODAY, by it's author, JK Rowling.
Here is a link about the book from People Magazine.

I'll be getting mine whenever the new bookstore opens here in town. I'm a big Harry Potter fan. So much that I want to be 11 or 12 again and get on the train to Hogwarts. I've always lived in a fantasy world (in my head), and it's hard for me to live in the everyday struggles of life. Thus, I escape, either though reading or by writing. Writing has been my salvation from times in my life when I could not cope with family, and life. I escaped through pen and ink.

To all of you fantasy fans out there, I want to direct you to the fact that my book Spell of the Black Unicorn was written by me as a form of fan fiction (I guess that's what people call it these days). After reading a couple of the HP books, I wanted to find a book that had more adult themes in it, but similar to Harry Potter, with crazy characters, and the usual fantasy elements that are found in such books. This isn't to say that I copied anything from the Harry Potter series, this is all my own imagination and all characters are mine.

And here's what I do to people who give me bad reviews. Hermione hitting Draco

Thank you to ALL my fans!

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