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Spell of the Black Unicorn ON SALE THROUGH OCT 3rd

Zofia Trickenbod, a sorceress from another planet, is stuck on modern-day Earth. Things have been quiet for the past three years, until one morning she finds her long lost husband Dorian on her doorstep. And he's undead. 

Meanwhile, the evil wizard Vaseelvod Blood is hypnotizing Zofia's neighbors in order to get the magical Stone of Irdisi back from her - and maybe kill Zofia in the process. After Blood abducts her children, Zofia has to deal with a nasty demon, get past a dragon, deal with a lamia, save her children, and tell her boyfriend that her husband is back. 

Spell of the Black Unicorn is a fun fantasy read for the young and young-at-heart.


Loved the premise! Alien witch has several missions. Save her wizard hubby turned vampire. Keep a special stone safe and in her keeping. Attract the Black Unicorn with her virgin daughter. And find the evil Blood before he kills off more of her friends. Last but not least, bargain with a head demon for her son's soul.
This is such a unique read, original, and very relatable to real life.
Each character had their own voice and their own personalities.
There were also a lot of great lines and good food.
Zofia: Is the MC. She's amazingly confident but also unsure of her every move. A total oxymoron. But so loveable, especially when she gets herself in a corner. She'll always be known to me for her line, `Dragon snot!"
Dorian: Is Zofia's wizard-hubby-turned vampire by the evil Blood. Dorian has been missing for five years until he shows up at her door one night.
Richard: Is the Ugwump (human) that Zofia was dating and had broken up with way before Damien showed up again. Wonder who she'll end up with in the end?
Blanche: Is Zofia's daughter. She's your typical teenage girl who must attract the Black Unicorn, Withershins, who has been kidnapped, so to speak, by the evil Blood.
Elton: Is Zofia's son. He is a typical little boy but ends up getting his soul stolen.
Aunt Tillie: Is Zofia's sidekick and crazy aunt. She's a hoot!
Blood: Is the villain who literally steals other peoples' bodies portraying to be them so he can trick Zofia and steal The Stone of Iridisi.
Erebus: Is the head demon she wheeled and dealed with for her son's soul. Might I add, I'll always remember this character for his nickname for Zofia, Sweet Cheeks. After, she gets her son soul back, she finds that the demon left her something special.

This debut novel by Lorelei Bell is entertaining quirkiness all the way through. Bell blends her wit of the ages with fresh ways of looking at ancient characters. Dorian, the knight-turned-vampire is a vampy hunk and Aunt Tillie is the token weathered and wise old crone. But Bell's treatment of the enigmatic sorceress, Zofia, wraps the story up in fantasy, with a touch of female realism. A fun read for the young and young-at-heart.

Poor Zofia Trickenbod is a sorceress, with a family, stranded here on Earth. While dreaming of her husband's death at the hands of a particularly vile sorceror named Vesselvod Blood, she's awakened by the front doorbell by someone she thought to be long dead.

That's all I want to tantalize you with is the start of this strange, at times laugh out loud humorous, at times mezmerizing and at all times entertaining novel. It's an interesting take on the world of fantasy, yet it stays grounded in very down to earth subjects like familial, romantic relationships, and people finding themselves in very hard to explain, and ven harder to get out of, situations. Don't get me wrong the emphasis of the book is on fantasy!

Lorelei Bell has done an amazing amount of detail into her book concerning terms and definitions as well as a glossary for these terms! The story moves quite well and, like I said before, there will betimes you'll catch yourself laughing out loud at events taking place or something Zofia, or anyone of a number of very interesting and well explored characters.

My daughter, mother and I have all read this book and found it Spell of the Black Unicorn an excellent read for escaping, to quote Sherlock Holmes, "the dull routine of existence". Give yourself a treat and buy this wonderfully entertaining book. It is well worth the read!


$0.99 for ebook now through Oct. 3rd!


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