Sunday, October 23, 2016

Delightful, Mysterious, Young or Old ~ WITCHES

As promised today I give you my post on WITCHES! 
Enjoy the pictures today.
All pictures are found via Pinterest, and my Link is below.

La nuit des trois sorcières  Signed print by movezerb on Etsy, €16.00:
This can be found on called "La nuit des trois sorcieres",
the link below, should you want to buy it[ and to cover my ass here].

Sweet Suprise by on @DeviantArt:
this one is called "Sweet Surprise" from Deviantart by Weseley Dallas M.

In some cases I like the "classic" witch on a broomstick riding in the sky. Believe it or not this is just a cloud!
Cloud that looks like a witch on a broom:
Believe it or not, this is a cloud!
This one is quite Cool!
☠ Halloween GiF ☠ . . . . this is very cool . . . . has movement . . . motion                                                                                                                                                      More

Here is another one I liked.
- Haunted Happenings Salem Massachusetts - The Official Website for Halloween:
This was from hauntedhappenings, from Salem Mass. Get your tour all set up from there!

This one is a cute, more of a cartoon style witch with ghostie
Happy Halloween.....have fun safe!!:

This one is somewhat vintage...
All Things Halloweenie:

This is a lovely print from DailyPaintworks
Daily Paintworks - "Home On Time For Dinner Storyb..." by Alida Akers:

And here are some beautiful paintings
(sold on ebay and elsewhere)
OOAK Original Halloween Painting on Canvas, Witch, Moon, Fall, Pumpkins Folk Art:

| heather gleason:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! → For more, please visit me at:

And one last cute one

iPhone 5 Wallpaper: Halloween:

Hope you've enjoyed these images.
Here is my link to my Pinterest for more witches, and their individual links can be found at each with a click.


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