Sunday, October 23, 2016

Delightful, Mysterious, Young or Old ~ WITCHES

As promised today I give you my post on WITCHES! 
Enjoy the pictures today.
All pictures are found via Pinterest, and my Link is below.

La nuit des trois sorci√®res  Signed print by movezerb on Etsy, €16.00:
This can be found on called "La nuit des trois sorcieres",
the link below, should you want to buy it[ and to cover my ass here].

Sweet Suprise by on @DeviantArt:
this one is called "Sweet Surprise" from Deviantart by Weseley Dallas M.

In some cases I like the "classic" witch on a broomstick riding in the sky. Believe it or not this is just a cloud!
Cloud that looks like a witch on a broom:
Believe it or not, this is a cloud!
This one is quite Cool!
☠ Halloween GiF ☠ . . . . this is very cool . . . . has movement . . . motion                                                                                                                                                      More

Here is another one I liked.
- Haunted Happenings Salem Massachusetts - The Official Website for Halloween:
This was from hauntedhappenings, from Salem Mass. Get your tour all set up from there!

This one is a cute, more of a cartoon style witch with ghostie
Happy Halloween.....have fun safe!!:

This one is somewhat vintage...
All Things Halloweenie:

This is a lovely print from DailyPaintworks
Daily Paintworks - "Home On Time For Dinner Storyb..." by Alida Akers:

And here are some beautiful paintings
(sold on ebay and elsewhere)
OOAK Original Halloween Painting on Canvas, Witch, Moon, Fall, Pumpkins Folk Art:

| heather gleason:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! → For more, please visit me at:

And one last cute one

iPhone 5 Wallpaper: Halloween:

Hope you've enjoyed these images.
Here is my link to my Pinterest for more witches, and their individual links can be found at each with a click.


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