Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Another Thanksgiving

This year Dennis and I decided to not go to all the trouble of cooking a turkey. It's only the two of us. We've gone out for Thanksgiving, but that usually isn't the same. Plus, you have to go out into public. Sometimes, we just don't want to be around people. We're strange in that way.

So, we'll be cooking either a large chicken or two Cornish hens. We hope to find the Cornish hens (usually frozen).

I always hated the clean up of it all (don't have luxury of a dishwasher--I'm the dishwasher and Dennis dries).

So, whatever your plans are this Thanksgiving, hope it's nice, safe and enjoyable.


  1. Collin and I don't do a lot on Thanksgiving, either. I'm a terrible cook, and I hate the mess (even though we do have a dishwasher). As much as I miss my parents' traditional Thanksgivings, we just put a turkey breast in the crock-pot and make sides (not from scratch) in the microwave. WE buy a pie or cake already made.

    1. Sounds good to me! Enjoy and have a great Thanksgiving, Norma!


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