Sunday, May 21, 2017

Because I Can

Hi, all. Well, I've begun my second week off from work for the summer. Feels like longer, somehow. Maybe because I've gotten a lot done. I worked on the garden, and hard to believe it was 80's last week and we put in the window air conditioner, but had to take it out again as it got cold. We had highs in 40's last 2 days!

Since the weather turned bad, I turned to my novel(s), and got the sixth one in Sabrina Strong series finished! (Yay), and because this one has such a cliff-hanger, every time I finish it, I have to read on to the next one, and I do believe others who are fans of the series will HAVE to have the next one. So, I'm going to try and get the 7th one done this year as well, because I think it will be a one-two punch in sales. I don't see any reason I shouldn't get it ready for my publisher now, rather than waiting. Wait for what?

I've got so many interests, gardening and writing are just two. The garden is an extension of my need to be with nature. Maybe because I'm a Virgo? That's an Earth sign. But my writing is that creative side where my fantasies and intellect are both explored and allowed to become something I can visualize--if only on paper.

I'm not one of those people who sits at their computer or I-phone and go on-line to try and drum up sales at facebook sites. I find that to be a waste of time. I don't know how those people [who do] get anything done in a day. I mean is this gadget in their hands all the time? I've got a house to clean a husband to feed, and a dozen other little things that need my attentions throughout the day. [I had to stop here and take care of laundry, breakfast and dishes] Not only that I find the use of gadgets somewhat annoying. People aren't communicating with their mouths any more. They expect you to text them. I told Dennis, when we heard that his sister's children won't call her and expected her to text them, instead, I'd never put up with that. They don't want to speak to me, then fine (a good thing I have no children). I see it on the NIU campus all day long. When someone makes that phone so important to them that they can't look up and see a 12 ton bus coming at them, and I have to step on the breaks, that's really ridiculous.

So. No. I refuse to be part of this technology era. I'm not bending and if my sales suffer, so be it. I'd rather enjoy life to the fullest on this planet filled with animals and birds, flowers and such.

One of many toads that live in my gardens, eating bugs
You never know what you might find if you just open your eyes!
Deer that come grazing through our yard. If you aren't looking out the window while they're here, you'll miss them!
Well, that's all for now. Hope you remember to look out at the birds or flowers today. Just sit outside and enjoy nature in a park or if you have a nice backyard. Try to just not be on your devices for five minutes you might be surprised what you hear or see!


  1. Those deer of course will be quite skittish the moment you open the door.

  2. Yeah but that technological device helped you share those deer and your eBook. It's a catch-22 as they say. My brother felt the same way and couldn't get employment because suddenly around 2008 everyone wanted a resume online. Anyway, I love the deer.

  3. Unfortunately, I can no longer work outside like I once did. My daughter gets upset if I go for a walk, so, yes, I'm online trying to promote my books more than if I could do all the other things. Enjoy, there is always time for writing and two books in one year is an accomplishment in itself.

  4. ~William, they do move off, but not as though they feel danger. I've come across them in my walks through my woods, and we've stared at one another. As of this writing, the prairie has plenty for them to eat, so (thankfully), they aren't into my hostas as they once were!

    ~Eve-how true.

    ~There are advantages of having that time, Mari. Thanks for popping in. These two books have been written and re-written a few times over. I'm just going through them with last edits. The last one is in need of repairs, so that for next year.

  5. You've been productive--I'm envious!

    And I agree with you totally on self-promotion. It can backfire big time.

  6. Oh, it's that or I'll find something else to do. I've gotten a lot written in past years, it's time for me to do other things.
    And yes. I didn't mean not use the technology at all. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. I think people become zombies. I see it everywhere. Using these devices while driving is especially worrisome.


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