Saturday, April 21, 2018

There was no Spring...

This was the view out our door on Thursday morning. 
We're talking APRIL 19th, 
Not March or February.

We should be getting warm temps in the 60's & 70's.
We had temps as low as 26 on the above date.
And then, that day it warmed up...
to 53
Here are my miniature daffodils boldly showing they don't care what happens, damn it!

It was only last Wednesday and Thursday we saw a 60+ and 71 degree day. I remember raking and getting some sun, thinking about getting a hammock (if only I had one), and lying out in the calm, warm air.

Well, yesterday we did see 62 degrees, and I got into my flower beds and pulled out dead stuff, preparing it for the eventual Spring.
But it probably will go from this to  80's in a matter of days, once Mr. Deadbeat (Winter) wakes up and moves along.


  1. Mr. Deadbeat is considering sticking around for a couple more weeks.

    1. We're finally seeing 50's & 60's, but no 70's. This was the 2nd coldest April on record for our area.


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