Monday, December 3, 2018


I've always been a fan of murder mysteries. Anyone who has read any of my vampire novels knows I'll put a mystery or two into the book to give it added interest to the overall plot. 
When I began working on my Lainey Quilholt mysteries, I thought it was time for a little change in my writerly diet. I didn't think I could write just a murder mystery. They seemed so hard. But I began reading a lot of mysteries and got the overall feel of how they should go.

Lainey has graduated from high school, and has already solved two mysteries, and now has to tackle three murders in this next book. Her creative writing teacher, Mr. Tyler, is found hung in an unused basement men's room. And on top of it, his wife has been found shot to death in their own home. It's at first deemed as a murder/suicide, but Lainey doesn't see it that way. She becomes suspicious almost right away of the president of the school, Mr. Cooper Smith. It's when an old friend of hers has died in a suspicious auto accident, and was last seen speaking to Smith, that she becomes convinced this man is dangerous. She also suspects the FBI is there at the school keeping an eye on things. In fact, she's pretty sure the teacher who has been brought in to teach in Mr. Taylor's place is an FBI agent.

Things become intense as she realizes Smith may be on to her finding clues and speaking to people from the office that may tell her something he wouldn't want her to know. She comes under his radar as a person he needs to be rid of in order to get away with everything. 

The ending comes down to perfect aim and excellent timing when Lainey stops another murderer.

Lainey is excited to begin college - until she finds herself in the middle of another murder case.
Only a few days into the first week, Mr. Taylor's body is discovered in a bathroom stall. Within an hour, news arrive that Mr. Taylor's wife has been killed in their home, that very morning.
The deaths are deemed by authorities as murder-suicide, but Lainey finds clues to the contrary.  As she digs deeper into the case, dark secrets surface.
After Lainey receives ominous warnings, it becomes clear that someone really wants this case to stay closed.

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