Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This Saturday night I will be at my second book signing in DeKalb Borders.

Am I nervous? Yeah. I've learned I'm to do a reading. I've never read anything in front of a group of people. Except when I exchanged my vows with my husband 20 years ago. That was nerve wracking enough.

But I know there won't be a huge crowd, and some will be my friends, some will become my new friends.

I've been very busy, as my last post tells you, working on sequel to my first book. I'm also on my own social network called Lorelei's Garret, another blog (at Word Press), and I've also got several other places I go to for networking, including Author Nation. If I didn't have 5 days off this summer, I would never have time for any of them, plus do everything one needs to do in a day. I think I've overwhelmed.

Looks like I need to go and grab me some friends on this site, since it ain't happening all by itself.
So, if you arrive, and see this post, come in, put your feet up, make comments and what all. If I get friends to show up, I'll see if I can't consolidate a bunch of my entries here. Because I also have a latent blog here somewhere as well, and have not gone there in a long while.

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