Friday, April 23, 2010

It's In the Mail . . .

Seems like the mail (regular and e-mail) can bring us some good stuff now and then. I think my week has given me some excitement in that field.

On Thursday my husband and I got home to find a package on our porch, and it was the books I had won from over at VampChix. I had learned that she was sending me 4 books.

I was wrong. It was 5. Michele Hauf had included her own, just released paperback novel--autographed copy, no less--of Her Vampire Husband . That made the mailing extra special. I'll need to thank her, and as I began thinking of writing a nice personal note (see, I've got her mailing address, he,he), I then did the bonk-my-head-with-my-hand thing. Duh. Why not send her my book? She might even enjoy it, if nothing else. So, this is what I'll do.

Today, while in the throes of hating my Internet server, I got an e-mail from Crescent Moon Publishers. The editor said she'd thought I was going to send her the first chapter. Well, I guess I just read it all wrong from the site. The third paragraph on submissions says:

"If we're interested, we will send you an e-mail asking for the first chapter . . ."

Well, I guess I got the e-mail asking me, so I'll work on sending that out. since said editor told me when would be gone until May 4th, I guess I'll take my time getting the chapter as clean and presentable as I can, and check all margins, etc.

Meanwhile I'm reading two books now. One is Michele Hauf's book, of course (and I will give a review of it when I'm done), and the other one is Charlaine Harris' "Dead and Gone" and when I get done with hers I will give my summary of that book.

I'll probably post something later on in the weekend. That is if the weather isn't bumping us off the earth or something. Gonna get bad here at some point. This is a terrible storm and I wish for everyone to stay alert, and make sure to take shelter when weather conditions threaten.


  1. Yeah for books in the mail! That's ironic because my post yesterday was 'In My Mailbox'! I just received two books I've been really anticipating. That always makes my day. I hope things work out with the publisher. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Yeah, I saw that. I just didn't have time to come over to anyone's site a all. I'm still having some issues, but I'm getting something in the mail from them, so. . .


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