Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Act of Writing

Lately I've been writing my scenes out in long-hand. I feel that the act of writing it out like this has been nurturing something possibly nostalgic need in me.

Of course years ago I did write everything long hand first and second draft and then the typewriter was used. Later on, I had a used computer, as my first one, and found that the editing process was soooo much faster.

But somehow, right now, writing some of these scenes out in this fashion has allowed me to think and ponder what I'll write next. Usually when I'm writing I've got it all up in my head and can't wait to get it out, and so typing it is so much quicker.

Why this is happening now, I think it's because I'm trying out a scene that isn't quite put together in my head. All the details are sort of distant. I work all day, and coming here and trying to write is sometimes difficult. Since I drive a bus, I can't even have the luxury of thinking on my writing too much, or I'll be dazing off not noticing that the light's changed. So, I wait.

The pen in hand is sometimes mightier than the typing pad. And I've had some good ideas already.


  1. I always write in a notebook in pencil before I put anything in the computer. My entire books are written long hand first, really! I love writing this way because like you said, it gives me the freedom to be able to write anywhere, anytime, and pick up right where I left off!

  2. How true.

    I've gotten away from it, but lately returning to it because I've gotten snitches of scenes/dialogue that I don't know where they might go. Even have ideas for the 3rd book. I'm jus that way. I think I'm possessed.


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