Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Sky and the Prairie

Freed from my job--the constant noise of conversations, either on cell phones, or with one another, the traffic, my necessary stops, eating while waiting to leave--I get home, glance and open mail, do dishes, switch into my rugged jeans, and get out into the sun and 70 degree day.

My husband and I live at a prairie/wetlands preserve. My most favorite thing to do is go out where there are no people and listen to the gentle breezes, the bird calls, and just walk until I've cleared my mind and my lungs.

I spot lupine along the way, which surprises me. I didn't know lupine could grow here in Illinois, but they planted seed two years ago, and these, if I'm not mistaken are biannual. I liked seeing these spikes of violet flowers--which are poisonous to cattle, and perhaps it's why it isn't grown in the wild here.

Geese bark and honk at my approach as I follow the--well, there is no trail, really. But I go out for 15 min. and stand out there in the breezes happy that I have this quiet retreat to go to. No one anywhere near me. No voice to intrude upon my thoughts which are in discord right now. Wondering. Hoping. My emotions slightly raw.

I didn't open my e-mail when I came in. I went right to work. I have to go on-line to do it and I just refused. I wanted to read more through my book.

I'd posted a portion of the first chapter over on Author Nation (and is on my sister blog Archives). Asked a buddy to take a look at it--or anyone there--I later saw his reply, there, and the PM to me from him. He said he liked it and didn't, as a rule, like vampires. So, wow.

I had no devastating news.


I'll go back to work now.

Thank you prairie, wind, birds, sunshine, flowers . . . You are my solace.


  1. Hooray for no devastating news! And your friend liking your story! Which, I never doubted. Your writing is excellent!

  2. well thanks Heather.(And it was Vic over @ Author Nation).
    No bad news today either. So, my whole weekend might be pleasant, and worry-free.


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