Saturday, June 26, 2010

Twilight Creator Sick of Vampires?

Yes. It's true.

I caught this across the vamp blogs I follow today.

Stephanie Meyers fessed up, finally, in an interview saying that she's "really burned out on vampires" also saying that trying to work on the Midnight Sun companion novel which tells the story from Edward's view point, says that she's no longer inspired. She admits that it's more like homework, and she can't work under this sort of pressure.

This sounds like burn out to me.

There's something to be said about a series writer. It takes a lot out of you. J.K. Rowling did the right thing. She wrote her series, did not promise more, but didn't say never again, which left things open. I remember the interview I saw with J.K. Rowling where she said that among all the books she'd written in the series, Goblet of Fire "nearly killed me". That's a 700+ page book. She had a contract to finish it at a certain date. She must have been locked up in her room, allowed to eat and sleep and maybe play with her children, and that's it--that's just me talking, but I'm sure it wasn't fun. Especially when you're so famous you can't even take vacations without cameras in the face.

As a writer, I can fully appreciate the whole needing to be excited about your book, characters, the plot etc. The excitement that makes you get up out of bed in the middle of the night, and either make notes, or sit down at a notebook, or computer and write things down that are in your head. That's when it is fun. Exciting.

When a writer can't get excited, yeah, maybe it's time to shove it onto the back burner and work on something else for a while. Fans will wait. And if it's something different, then, you might find new fans. Pushing yourself to work on a project that has gone flat isn't going to do anyone any good.

So, the lesson here, boys and girls, don't promise more than the moon to publishers, agents, and especially your fans.

I thought Rowling had played it right, not telling us too much at any point of the game. She trickled in spoilers, and as far as I know didn't get hiper when things leaked, because they did. Well, I remember everyone who had ARCs of her last book tried to spoil it for everyone. I think those people are simply evil. I didn't listen to the leaks. I didn't try and read the last book in one sitting, like all the bleary-eyed fans did. I read Rowling for enjoyment, took my time. Loved it.

And I hate to be a poo-poo-er, but when you get something as big as the Harry Potter series, or the Twilight series were, I don't think you can ever have a repeat performance. Not to such magnitudes.

I might be wrong, but the magic wand may have been passed on to another writer.


  1. Was never a fan of Twilight because I couldn't get through the first book, but I love the Harry Potter series. There has never been anything close to them, and it saddens me that they are over (I was one of the bleary-eyed fans, unfortunately; I tried to slow it down, but it just didn't happen). I agree with what you said, though. Don't keep writing it if you're bored; it will reflect in your work.

    Great posts!


  2. Hi,KST! Thanks for joining my blog, dear.
    I agree with you whole heartedly about Twilight--I actually read the second one, and was really disappointed.

    I was really sad that the H.P series ended too. But, one thing is,we can always reread them! I love doing that, and am doing so now. I'll be making a post about this soon.

    Thanks for stopping by, come again!


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