Sunday, July 11, 2010

Embrace the Vampire Within

Are you, or someone you know a Vampire? Well, okay, don't laugh. I don't mean the kind that is immortal, or that explodes into dust when sunlight touches them, or that they can turn into a bat or a wolf at the drop of a hat. These are everyday real people who have very special needs. I'm talking about real-life vampires. Some people aren't even aware of it, but they might be in the two categories: PSI—or psychic vampires (those who need life force), and the sanguinarius (those who need blood). Modern Day vampires can be your next door neighbor, your work mate, the grocery clerk, life-mate, friend. Many vampires aren't even aware of their true nature, until they have “awakened”. Vampires have special needs that others do not.

It's difficult to know if one is, or not, and there are lists as to what to look for. Still, not everything may apply, and even if all or many of these things do, it still doesn't suggest that someone is a vampire. There could be other medical conditions to consider. Here is a partial list of things to consider for awakening:

~Do people find you highly appealing and fascinating, but then their fixations quickly fades to avoidance?

~People tell you that you are too intense/ an enigma/ dark hole / other?

~You often prefer isolation without really knowing why. Vampires are often loners, because they feel different from those around them, and because they have to control the amount of contact they have with sources of energy.

~You are empathic. Vampires—although this isn't exclusive to vampires—tend to be empaths, absorbing vibrations from everywhere.

~You experience astral dreams, and frequent deja vu.

~You love rain, thunderstorms, and fog.

~You easily “trance out” or find yourself detached from the world. ~You feel you should have been born in another century.

~You are somewhat psychic or intuitive. ~You are drawn to more unorthodox beliefs. Often the occult feels natural to you.

~Electrical appliances, cell phones, watches, computers malfunction for no reason.

~You often feel weak, shaky, and very thirsty when you don't obtain or consume some form of energy.

~You frequently suffer from Migraines.



~Severe problems dealing with weather extremes (particularly cold and low pressure systems) (For a full list please see sites below)

Having some of these, or all characteristics doesn't mean that you are a real modern day vampire. However, if you are wondering, here are some things to consider. Take note if people notice that you are different. They might even tell you that. You may feel perfectly fine most of the time, but if you are not in contact with other people after a while you, tend to feel depressed, and weak, and seek out those who are energetic, and fun to be with.

This is only one of my characteristics. I tend to feed off the attention, or their energy. This makes me a Psi. After a while of such contact, I have to get away, because it becomes too much for me. Above all, I mostly like being alone. Some people might think that a vampire needs to avoid the sun, but it isn't always the case. In my case I don't avoid the sun, and tan easily, however I've noticed that I do have sensitivity to sunlight (wearing sunglasses even for a moment of going outside, and over exposure usually brings on a headache). My sister avoids the sunlight completely, and wears dark glasses indoors because of her sensitivity to light.

I love the moonlight, but when I'm trying to sleep, I can't tolerate it, or any other light in the room. I do feel more focused at night, and can do my writing during the hours of darkness best, or very early morning. I can site nearly all the things listed above, plus many more. Otherwise I'm fidgety, have lack of focus, daydream. Hey, that's partly why I'm a writer! I'm very psychic, I'll know that I'm about to see someone I haven't seen in a long time.

I drive a transit bus and I've seen so many near accidents--which should have been accidents, but weren't--I think I also have some sort of kinetic energy as well, which is brought on by higher, emotionally-charged moments. Remember that the primary, universal characteristic is the need to feed on either blood, or life energy from others.

Even if you do identify with any of these things, and still wonder, research it yourself. Take notes on things you feel might be true of you. Perhaps many perplexing things about you can now be explained as you come to the understanding of who you are, and “Embrace The Vampire Within”. The important thing is to be happy with who you are, and be yourself—because everyone else is taken. To find out more go to Darkness Embraced. And read the article on Modern Vampires here.


  1. I don't think of myself as a vampire, but feeding on energy isn't REQUIRED. I don't need to refill my ki levels from others to survive.

    I just thoroughly enjoy doing do.

  2. I know that I need energetic people around me, otherwise I have to get away from someone who drags me down. I don't know if its really the same thing, but it is an interesting subject. Would be interesting to do a study on it. If only I had time!


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