Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ideas . . . they never stop . . . until the END

I've posted that I finished the first draft of the second book in here about a week or so ago. So, naturally, I'm editing and going through to smooth things out and make it all work. Ho hum. Reading, making notes, correcting, la,la,la. . .

Then, along comes a scene. I hear two characters talking. You know, your characters that you've known and they've been shacked up in your brain for maybe a year, two, or three. Yeah, those people who only exist inside your head, and on the page and in cyber space. Wherever!

Oh, wait. I see this one character is new. Hummmm. Very interesting. I'm intregued. Male. All black clothing, long black hair, except for the blond streak on one side of his face. Okay . . . and Sabrina has actually gone from one place to another in one swift weird moment. Oh, I see. She's on another plane. Not on earth. Not even in Dark Realm--another existing world along side Earth. Huh, what do I call this place? Between the veils? I like that. Oh, it has a name. Darkland. Even better. I like the idea that it was once Atlantis, or the people of Atlantis have somehow gotten here. . .and they're all vampires????

Anyway, so there I am supposed to be asleep, but NOT! The scene, the two talking, in my head--yes, we writers are a weird lot!--talking. Sabrina Strong, my main character and the one I decide to call Jett. Interesting. Oh, really? Yada, yada. It might be 2am, going on 3:00. I should be sleeping, but there I have the scene all tracked out in my head.

Morning comes. Oh, goddess . . . coffee. Yes! Notebook. Yes! Write, write write.
Good ideas. Don't bother me, PLEASE!

The next day, I begin typing these written pages out. These ideas transpose, change, take a turn, a twist. Hahah! I know what's going on. I realize--ohmygod--this is a brand new book!

It gets later in the morning (today), I discover recordings of an old show I taped from a favorite of mine from two years ago. I listen. I know why I taped the conversation. This is gold! This gets my plot ideas rolling. I'm loving being a writer all over again.

So, I make more notes and suddenly I've got a whole chapter and the beginning of a new book called Necromancer's Dreams. Working Title.

Will have to allow the lava to cool, need to sleep because I have to drive the bus tomorrow.

Happy writing everyone!


  1. OMG Lorelei, I go through the same thing and thought I was going nuts. Being new at this, I'm amazed that I'm not the only one "hearing my characters" or guides (as I call them). This always happens between one and three in the morning - go figure.

  2. YES! I may have to do a post exclusively about the writing mind. When we are most relaxed--at 2 in the morning!!!! our brain will be able to pull out that lovely thing called creativity. Artists, writers, musicians all have it. It's nothing to be ashamed of. We are creative people. A step above the norm--as far as being able to tap into something like this (inventors too!)
    Thanks for stopping by!!!


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