Monday, August 16, 2010

Lorelei In Motion

After a horrible phone company bumped me off my Internet server, I bumped them. That's the short version. I now am with my original phone company, and my Internet server is back. Thus I'm back, now after an 8-day vacation out west.

My husband and I drove out of boring Illinois and through the hilly, green of Iowa, and rested for the night in York Nebraska. We get up early in the morning to get going. Our destination was southern Colorado and hopefully the northern tip of New Mexico. We wanted to see Taos.

I hope to get the pictures of the places we went by the weekend so as to share them. I felt the trip was needed by both of us because of all the personal things going on in our lives, and the need to just escape for a time. See some interesting things, do something different.

Well, Taos is as different as you can get and unfortunately we could only be there for the day.

Our other destination was Silverton Colorado. A step back in time. In very few western towns can you get a ride on a stage and get on a locomotive for a ride. The train ride was out of our range, but the stage coach was an interesting time, even as a mountain shower--which really turned into a storm--clipped our ride a little short.

We also walked around the edge of a volcano--not live--in New Mexico, and had the most relaxing beautiful mountain ride it took to get from one scenic spot to the next.

I'd like to share a little more on this. My head is still spinning, and I'm trying to get caught up. But I'm so happy to be back on-line, it was a mess to clear up, believe me.


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