Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Pictures from Silverton, Colorado

Here I am, the rock hound. My husband caught me by surprise while I searched the rock bin for just the right rock. I had a number of choices, as you can see.

And my husband is standing in front of the locomotive. Just in case any of you fantasy writers happen to use a locomotive in your writing, and you've never been around one, make note that the soot is very dense. They advise people who ride it in the open cars to wear protective eye-wear (sunglasses, etc), because you can get the soot in your eyes. Just standing near it, Dennis caught some in his. It was a goo experience for me as a writer to stand so close to a working engine, smell, feel it, the coal that they burn is really harsh. Just a note for any future work I or any of you might need for a future project.


  1. Oh, yeaah. . . Colorado has always been a good place for us to explore and go to if our time is limited.

    But, wait! There's more! Taos is next.


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