Friday, September 10, 2010

Just Things

Anita's book made it to my mail box today. I'm very excited about reading her book. Ever since I read a little blurb about it--and I'm not even sure how I was ever sucked into her site--probably curiosity--but sure am glad that I was. I hope to begin the book soon. When I'm done I will post a review, so be looking for that.

I've also been working on some ideas for some posts, just been busy trying to get back to the routine of working. Catching up on things has been a little hard. But getting there. I have many friends spread across the spectrum of age, as well as people I once worked with, and I hate loosing track of them. So, keeping in touch is important if it's via phone, or e-mail, and I love letters. My mother-in-law used to write the best, nicest letters. She was "the letter writer" and I think it is a lost art, and that is a shame. I think everyone out there who reads this should take out a pen and paper and scrounge up a stamp and send a loved one, or a dear friend a letter, if only to say hi.

I've been working on ideas for posts, as I've said. I'd like to do some on characters, and on other basics. As well as some things that have been a bit of a pet peeve to me. That's about all the little "rules" that the "experts" put out there and they've been harped on to death, and yet many, many best selling authors get away with breaking these rules again and again. I'm not sure why that is. I can only guess that the story was so wonderful that the agent and the publisher simply ignored the rules--here and there, and allowed the author's voice to shine through.

Voice. That's it. All those of you new writers who stop by here, PAY ATTENTION: you must develop your own voice.

How is this done?

I want to examine this as well. It took me years to find mine. I tended to try and sound like other authors (Barb Bell had told me, when I'd send her things of mine). It takes a lot of practice to find it. Eventually, one day, you just find it.

Hopefully after my busy weekend I'll have something new to post on character. I'm going to use the HBO show "True Blood" to help me make my points. So, I'll be in and out all weekend long, here.

Through trial and error and I'm sorry, but time as well.

A writer who begins usually has no voice, or eventually mimics the "voice" of one or two of their favorite writers.

This is fine.


  1. I need to develop my "voice" better. It's a WIP. Have a good weekend Lorelei!

  2. Finding one's voice can be tough. From what I've read of your work I'd definitely say you've found your own voice and I love it!

  3. Jen, it just takes a while, and a trust in yourself. It may be about the most ellusive thing than one accomplish in writing. No one can really tell you how it's done. You keep on working toward it, and it will happen.

    Heather, I thank you. Hope your search for the perfect agent happens. You deserve it!


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