Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Beautiful Afternoon . . . A New Feature Coming To Lorelei's Muse

My husband and I drive transit buses for NIU in DeKalb, IL. We decided we would come home and take a walk in the park--the one we manage--and I collected some leaves that had changed from the trees which had splashes of color on them. We still need a bit more frost to change them all. But the red ones are really brilliant this year.

Yes, I'm hoping to add a new content to my blog. I'm calling it "Sumkio's Reads". I will introduce it, hopefully next week, or at least introduce Sumiko Keay, who I've known for at least 2 years, maybe going on 3. She loves to read. And my thought was, why not have a person who loves to read do reviews on the books she is reading? I seem to be working far too much, both in the bus company and on my novels to bring any worthy reviews in a timely fashion. But someone who loves to read and claims she can read a book in about a week, I thought would be the answer to bringing a little something extra to my blog. I hope you'll all tune in and welcome her.

Also, I've been in contact with director, Justen Romine, who is working on the short film "Afraid of Sunrise", and he has reacted positively about my interviewing him, any old time. So, I'll get to work on that over the weekend as well.

I think my head may pop off any moment here.

Still no word on when my present book will be ready. Can anyone blame me for getting fidgety?


  1. I'd be getting fidgety too! In fact I am. I have two different books out to two different editors who accepted unsolicited manuscripts and I have a full out to a fabulous agent and a partial out to another. I'm the poster child for fidgety. Have faith though, it will happen soon. I love the new content you'll be adding soon. Can't wait!

  2. Oh, thanks, Heather. And very good luck to you! I hope you get the best agent/editor that will work for you. Keep us all posted!


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