Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feeders by Anita E. Viljoen ~ Review

The very inventive idea used by Anita, that humans who have a certain blood disorder of producing too much blood, could become “Feeders”--that is give blood to vampires--was a new one I hadn't seen used before. I was curious to see how she would bring this together.

I liked the beginning. Anne Patterson, believing she's hit a dog on a dark road at night goes to investigate, only to be attacked by a vampire. Fortunately for her two men, Luc and Roman, were on this rogue vampire's trail and come across Anne's hot Shelby GT 500 pulled over on the road. Then finds Anne bleeding and in need of help right away.

We learn that Roman is a vampire, and Luc is a human Feeder. They are part of Sir McKay's Coven, chasing down the rogues which a vengeful vampire by the name of Sir Raymond Pitout has been busy working to keep them busy. But the McKay's Coven doesn't hunt humans for blood, they pay those who they determine are Feeders to give blood on a monthly bases. They discover quite accidentally that Anne happens to be a Feeder, just like Luc.

Anne, the heroine, eventually accepts that she is actually a “Feeder”. She soon becomes infatuated with another Feeder, Luc, but the romance seems never destine to bloom until the two finally face up to what they are, and that they're in love. It takes them a few fits and starts before they realize they are perfect for one another.

Once it is learned that Ann is a Feeder, she is soon Pitout's prey, and she is abducted. The team must save her from the rogue vampire's plans to auction her off to the highest bidder.

One other interesting aspect of the vampires is that the female vampire is more powerful than their male counterparts, and if a male is brave enough to enter her domain and become intimate, he'd better be prepared for some adventurous, and dangerous sex.

Feeders: A lot of action, plenty of romantic threads with the vampire equation for those who enjoy their vampires hot, dangerous and sexy. Fast cars and hunky men caught me right away with the wonderful backdrop of British Columbia, and the large estate on an island adds to the backdrop.


  1. Thank you Lorelei, for the perceptive and amazing review. Its just in time for my Book Launch. Again, I can't thank you enough!


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