Thursday, October 28, 2010

VAMPIRE ASCENDING Release In December!

I was so very excited last night when I had e-mail from Wilfried Voss, my publisher, who sent me a link to view my book's cover.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but once I saw it, I was drop-jawed excited and all thumbs up.

I posted the picture at my facebook page, so those of you who are there also have seen it, and thank you for your support and kind words of encouragement. A number of the people who come to Lorelei's Muse on a continual basis, or even to check in once in a while, I thank you.

I also would like to thank any of you who have come to a book signing, or purchased my very first book, Spell of the Black Unicorn. I will eventually get the sequel to this series out, I hope, in the near future. This series is very special, and I love all the kooky characters in it, and my vivid imaginations was allowed to simply sore. The next one will be even better. I promise.

But my concentration is on my vampire novel, Vampire Ascending, the first in this series.

I've written it elsewhere, but I'll write it here. I've always been deeply interested in vampires since I was a teenager--and that was some time ago, before the subject was considered cool, or the in thing. It was before Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire, too. Because of my interest in the horror--that's what it was called back then--I was probably an out-cast in many ways. Not that it worried me a great deal, because I was more a loaner, and eventually it lent itself to my writing. I've written two vampire novels prior to this one, and nearly had an agent, but that fell through. Now, I've got a good POD publisher who is interested in the product and wants to make this work as much as I do.

Mr. Voss told me in his e-mail to me that as soon as they have a print proof in hand, they will begin the promotion process through press releases, and it will be reviewed by a professional service and this will be posted far and wide, including at Amazon. He also told me that he was impressed by the good writing style, what portions he did read. Now, that I had not gotten from any one else I ever sent my book to, and I had sent it out to at least two other places. *snap* He was the only one at the very beginning who had said, when he viewed it at Author Nation, that he found nothing wrong with my writing--after I'd been told it would need editing from one place that wanted to charge me, and an editor who would not get back to me as to whether or not she actually wanted the book at all. I mean that was 3 months I could have been getting this thing out there!

Well, this is my first post for this book, but won't be the last. Also, I'm developing a "book launch" site just for the book where I will be adding to it information on the book, and I'll have to check and see if it will be alright to place a teaser chapter there as well.

This is a long time in coming. I feel that things could go really well from here on out. Please check in for the official place to go and purchase a book when it is available.

And if anyone wishes to interview me or feature me and the book at their blog, give me a yell at

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