Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blood and Sunlight by Jamie Wasserman

I have to say this was a good book. At one point it made me teary-eyed. I didn't want to put it down, especially at the end. I wasn't disappointed in how it ended either. I thought it was a good fairytale-come-true sort of story.

I found the protagonist, Melanie, terribly flawed, in a relationship with a guy who wants to believe he's a vampire, but isn't. And she wants to believe there's something better out there, but she can't really find it, or doesn't have the guts to look. The whole vampires exist idea seems to also be too unbelievable to her—and yet she wants to believe—until she meets the real deal, and has to learn a whole new way of life.

The tale revolves around a small Maryland town, and place called Hell House, a place with some bad history. It's like one of those places you might remember as a kid, whispering about it when no one is around, or around a campfire at night, daring one another to walk up and ring the doorbell. Only this place is hard to find.

Wasserman mixes the elements of a love story, danger, death, and hope exquisitely, challenging the vampire folklore as fact, even adding a few new ideas to it.

I also liked how Wasserman worked in two different stories along side one another, that was different. I can see a lot of thought and work went into this novel. I liked the local background, the dreary small town, the girl who wants to escape, but can't, and seems to be all she'll ever know. A great ending.

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