Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sumiko's Reads ~ A Bibliophile's Foibles

I wanted to talk about the Jane Lindskold trilogy that starts with Thirteen Orphans, continues with Nine Gates and ends with Five Odd Honors. But this brought up another issue: I discovered Thirteen Orphans at the library, and I loved it so much that when I saw it was out in mass market paperback I bought it. Then I went on a bit of a reading hiatus and when I came out of it (like coming out of hibernation - starving for good stories) I found that Nine Gates was available in mass market paperback so I bought that.

And loved it. . .and the third book Five Odd Honors is out - but in hardback. Now, I love having related books all in the same format.(This is the reading adjacent bit.) You can shelf them or stack them together. Chances are the artwork will also be related so they look like they belong together too. Sensible people are now saying: get it out of the library - buy the paperback later! But my reading hibernation incident means that I owe my library big bucks and two books. And I keep not going there. Sigh. And I want that book.

Now, I have broken my matched series thing lately with both the Dresden Files books and the Sookie Stackhouse books. . . but they are long, long, multi-book series and not so much a set as a neat little trilogy is. What shall I do? Am I just trying to talk my self into breaking the set? And does anyone else out there have similar book


  1. Sumiko, I definitely do. I know that when the Harry Potter books all began to come out in mass quantities in hardbound, I bought the last 3 hard bound, but the first 4 are paperback, and I dearly would love to replace them with hardbound.
    Everything else I wait for the paperback to come out.

  2. I have mixes as well. It's irritating, but I deal with it.

  3. Love the new blog header!

    I've just started reading the Dresden Files and love them. I'd never read any Jim Butcher before, but they make me want to check out his other stuff.

    My only foible would be that I rarely read one thing at a time. I like to have multiple books going, and read a little of each every day.

  4. I like to break up a series and read other things in between as well. Usually because I'm waiting on the next book to come out though!

  5. EEk, I just realized that I have a typo in my first sentence: it's Jane Lindskold.

    Hmmm, it is completely sensible to plan to break up a series. My only problem with that is that I'm likely to want to reread when the next book comes out!

  6. Hon, I'll fix. Don't worry. If I'd known the author, I would have done it then. But, everyone makes a little mistake or two. Besides that's a rather complicated name to type!


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