Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Big Event

For each and every writer/published author hopeful, the Big Event is, of course, the book signing.

I've had three official book signings. Nothing compares to the first one. You can never repeat that first one.

But you can get the momentum going again. The excitement will be there with another local book signing for the new book.

I spoke to Julie Morsh of my local Borders and she called me back because she had a meeting to go to, and so we could chat a bit. She was excited that I had a new book out, and asked right away if it was a series. I told her it was. She said that the series "back in the day" was not a big deal. Now it's "hot". A series will hook your readers into your characters, if you build them with intensity enough to make people like them--or hate a few--enough to want to see some sort of thing building between the good and bad ones. And if you're real smart, you'll keep on adding new ones to love or hate for whatever reason.

So, because I'm going through this again, for the second time, it isn't the same, and yet it is. I'm excited, but it's controlled excitement. I know that I'll be contacting the paper again and know I don't want to babble on and on about my book like before. I'll have something prepared, and hope I don't sweat like a b.b. player on the court with M.J.

I have known contacts too. Julie Morsh, bookstore manager, didn't know me and I didn't know her back in 2008, but now, after having me in her store a few times, she knows who I am and I got to adjust my time for when I wanted it--in the afternoon so that I can go home at a reasonable hour and crash. She was very accommodating, and she was happy to hear I would have my own photographer, John Zingale, again--I call him my paparazzi--because when John Zingale showed up at the first book signing, and was snapping away, I couldn't understand why someone was taking so many pictures! I didn't know he was going to do that and it was like I had some paparazzi there at my book signing. John, being a good friend and co-worker, said he'd be there again, and I'll be emailing him about this soon.

January 8th, at the DeKalb Borders, should anyone who reads this be able to attend.

Julie will order the books in the morning, happy to know it was through Ingram. She said she wouldn't put them out until the week of the signing--afraid she might run out of them maybe?

And with my 3 weeks off coming up soon, I'll have plenty of time to get things ready, get the word out the best I can and hope most of the people I know can attend. The first one was fabulous. I sold 17 books out of the 25. That's considered very good. Julie hugged me after the book signing, that night. They had the carolers in a section behind me, so that people had to go past me. When I got there, I was asked to sign two books and one woman came up to me and said "I just have to have this book!" and I didn't even have my coat off.

That will probably never happen again, but I hope for good things with this book, and the next ones to follow. It's fun, but it's work to get the book out there. I hope to do a better job of getting the word out about Vampire Ascending.

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