Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Many Blessings, Dean Koontz, Etc.

I love Dean Koontz. There, I've said it.

I get his "Useless News" in the mail every quarter, and fall in love with the guy over and over because he is brilliant, witty, humble, cunning with words, and very imaginative, and I get to know a little bit more about him every time he sends one of these gems out.

Of course this love is unrequited. But I do have his autograph, and a short note to me which I should have hanging in glass, a bronzed portrait of him next to it. I've placed it in a protective sheet of plastic. The house burns it's gone forever.

Gentle readers, I would never take from the fact that I love my husband, who has stood with me through thick and thin, in health, sickness poverty, etc.; who has told me never give up, talked me into not quitting my writing on many occasions, encouraged me to keep writing simply because I love to write, who cooks, does laundry and other things around the house so that I might toil in my labor of love—writing—and spent an hour pushing furniture around so that I might sleep in my office during the 21 days off. Who calls me his “pot of gold” not because I will rake in millions, but because, he says, that when he met me, I was his pot of gold for having endured so much heart-ache before he met me (same here, buy the way), and I could never have gotten as far as I have with out his having bought me this computer--he HATES computers, and all technological gadgets and if he became king he would get rid of all things like cell phones and such things for ever. Be happy that we don't have kings any more.

My idol, Dean Koontz, lives in sunny California. He has a loving wife, Gerta, who I'm sure tends to his every needs, and his beloved golden retriever, this one and the one which had died--are shared in his news letter. I've gotten to know this writer merely through these 10-or-so-page newsletters, and look forward to reading anything by him. His new release What The Night Knows is to be released on the 28th of this month.

For those of you who have never read anything by Dean Koontz, you really need to pick up something by him. The man writes scintillating works of suspense, and he's been writing for as more years than I've been an adult trying to be traditionally published. I wrote to him once, probably ten or so years ago asking for advise. His note to me was kind and his sense of humor always in tact because I made a bit of fun at his hair style back in the 70's (he'd said “what was I thinking?”).

His advice to me was to get an agent. Well, Dean was well meaning. And believe me, I tried to get an agent, but agents want people like Dean Koontz who bring in huge sales, these days. Apparently because of my being completely unknown—and I know no one in the business—I've failed in this task. Thus a POD is the only way any of my novels have seen light of day, or met with reader's eyes.

Since I could think of nothing more to post today, I thought a post admission of my idolization of Dean Koontz was in order. And Dean, if your Google Warning should bring you to my blog, just between you and me, you are the king, not only of suspense, but of writing in all aspects, and I hope to meet you some day, either in this life or the next. Salute.


  1. He is one excellent writer that's for sure! Many of his books are my favorites. I love his unique take on things and the touch of paranormal he adds in.

  2. That's exactly it, Heather.

    Plus he has a golden retriever. Ya gotta like a guy who has a soft spot for a dog. (;

  3. Merry Belated Christmas Lorelei! Amen on the dog comment. I've never read anything by Koontz but I believe you have piqued my interest. He'll have to go to the bottom of the pile however, and I must add, it's a pretty big pile at the moment. I plan to launch your interview this week on my blog. I'll email you with the date to be sure.

  4. Cool--on the blog thing.

    If you like suspense writing, Koontz's writing style should hold your attention, and you will wonder why you put him on the bottom of your list. (Dean would too). He has a lot of titles to choose from, but I may have to check out this new one, when I get the chance. It sounds spectacular.


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