Monday, January 10, 2011


People were out shopping Saturday afternoon in droves, as we drove through the shopping area where Borders is situated. Just as I'd thought, the bookstore had a good crowd milling through as my husband and I swung into Borders at 2:20, a little before I was expected for the book signing. I sighted the table with the red table covering with the Borders logo on past the middle of the store.

Julie Morsh, manager of the DeKalb Borders, must have known something about the draw the news article would have, the number of friends and family who would come out to buy a book. And going by my very first book signing three years ago—in which I sold 17 our of 24 books—she must have known to order an extra dozen—36 books—for this event. A very good thing she did. I would have sold out!

Julie greeted us, and while I was in the washroom prepping myself, she went and got us both huge cups of decadent coffee with a bit of chocolate stuck into the cloud of whipping cream. On the house. She also gave me a pen for signing—also mine to keep. I love to be catered to. She also said thank you to me! I think she knew I'd sell a lot of books.

I ran into old friends who had seen the article. One friend, Connie, had said she came by because she'd seen the article in the MidWeek. I've not seen her in ages! I worked with her more than a dozen years ago, and hadn't seen her in at least that long. She wasn't a vampire novel fan, she merely came by to say hi and tell me how excited she was, and thought it was great that I finally had a book published. She, like all who knew me that long ago, knew my fervent dream was always to have a book published. Right after she left another woman who I had worked with in the same place had brought two daughters with her, and I believe I sold 3 to her.

Another old and dear friend, John R. (who also on occasion does the John's Corner of Horror posts at my blog), brought his daughter and, as promised, they each bought a copy and wished me the best. They are both vampire enthusiasts.

After this, things began happening pretty quickly, and I was signing books, and having pictures taken and talking to people about the book. Dennis also gave his two thumbs up and told people about the book, and how he felt this was my very best work.

Various relatives showed up; my sister came with her husband—and I was so happy that she could finally come to one of these, the very reason I made sure it was in the afternoon—and then my husband's niece strolled in and bought 3!

A few more relatives showed up and bought at least one each. Strangers who are into vampire novels couldn't help but buy a copy. Julie had set me up right next to the vampire section; exactly where I wanted to be in order to catch the eye of more vampire novel enthusiast.

My photographer, John Zeningale made it, after having driven all the way from New Jersey from a business deal—through snow, no less. He hadn't expected to make it at first, but he had text messaged me on facebook the night before that he was on his way, and would be there. These are his pictures I've posted here, and have more at facebook. Thank you John!

Others I know through work came and bought a copy. And my pile of 36 books were really dwindling. I'd lost count at some point and as it was getting toward the end, we counted and came up with 23 books.

The surprise of the evening was a reporter from the DeKalb Chronicle came in to interview me. I'd met this young man, Michael Brown, from when he worked for the NIU paper, The Northern Star. He had interviewed me two years ago—not about my book at the time, but he knew I had published before. It was nice to see him. I found out that it was the news release that my editor, Yolanda, at Copperhill Media had sent out that had caught the editor's eye, and he sent Michael to get the full story. Michael said that because I'm a local person, this might get front page (Ill have to see how this comes out).

Afterwards, my husband, his sister, my sister and her husband and I, all went out for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. That was great. We toasted to the incredibly great book signing. I couldn't have wished for it to turn out better. And we joked about getting a stretch limo to take us all to the first showing of the movie version of my book. (I wish!)

Sorry about the delay, when I got home from a celebratory dinner on Saturday, I found that may phone was dead! It took until today for the wires to be fixed.


  1. Congratulations on the book sales and the interview!

  2. Awesome! Congrats, and I hope you double that number next time out! It's always fun to read about positive signing experiences.


  3. I am very happy it turned out so well. Congrats to you Lorelei!

  4. Thank you, E.J. and J.L.! I have to check and see if any more have sold since.


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