Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bloging In A Black Hole

I really had no good title, but this morning I was writing about black holes, and it sort of stuck with me. Although black holes are quite fascinating, and I bring it up in my third book.

If you're reading this today, that means you are not a Packer or Bears fan, or a football fan in general. I'm not a huge fan, and frankly I don't give a hoot who wins. Someone will go on to the Super Bowl--Oh, can I say that without being sued???--and get a big ring. My husband will be watching it. I will be working on my book(s).

Anyway, here is the week's up-coming posts: I've got a new interview to bring to you this week, and Sumiko has been busy reading, what with having a few weeks off, and I have a new post from her. I know she's read several books and thus I'll be getting her reviews in like clock work on a weekly bases for a while.

My interview this week is with Vic Jones. I came to know Vic from being on a writer's site called Author Nation. He writes fantasy, sometimes he dabbles in science fiction, and has been working on his book Castlebound for a few years, and hopes that it will be published in some form this year.

I discovered Author Nation when I first got on-line back in 2008. This writing community gave me a chance to connect with other writers who also were working on their books and poetry, and I began to gain readers/friends there, which now number at about 56 or 57 I think. Vic, a platinum border, has always been there to help me, and others, with anything we had trouble with. Sometimes we merely sent quick PM's to one another on things dealing with our craft. He was sometimes the only one who would give me feedback on something I may have posted. I liked the very easy way of posting even whole chapters there at Author Nation without someone snarling at me that it was too long. It is merely advised that you make note of it being long.

At any rate, I wanted to give Vic some exposure here at my blog, introduce him to everyone, and hope some of you leave a short message to welcome him and wish him luck. I'm sure you'll find the interview interesting. I will post the interview later on tonight. I hope you'll stop in throughout your busy week to check it out.

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  1. Ah yes Author Nation, I remember it well and fondly! I wish I still had time for it. I'll be sure to check out Vic's interview!


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