Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Steam Punk Me

After a day driving around in the slush around NIU, and dealing with the whole Students Are BACK-AHHHH! thing I'm home, wondering if there's a piece of chocolate that's large enough to just make me feel better. Probably not. I need a bubble bath, but all out of that. Need champagne--ooo, got that. But waiting for a better ocassion.

So, the whole 7 hours of driving my #2 bus from campus, downtown and doing the complete circle it does 14 times a day, I"ve been thinking about my third book. Yeah. The reason being is that the minor characters are now introducing themselves to me. Not only that, because I write fantasy and can do just about anything I want
I'm seeing some potential here. My character, Sabrina Strong, has accepted (grudgingly) that she is a sibyl and has responsibilities--not all, but the part about ridding the earth of certain dangers is okay, as long as she doesn't get blood on her new coat.

So, she is able to go into other worlds. The thing is she has gone to this other world to find her cousin who has been sucked through a portal. That's the mystery part. The other part was that this world also has one certain historical character--he was both historical and fictitious. Okay, I'll tell you. I've put Dracula, the Impaler in this, and he is a vampire. I wanted to hold this world at a point where modern technology has not yet happened. But by my own logic, if people from Earth keep on disappearing and are sucked into this world, the knowledge could also be there. Thus, I'm considering doing a bit of Steam Punk with this one.

I do know that there is one book I'd like to check out at B&N, but I can't think of the title and I know it came out maybe over the summer, I don't know. I remember the book's cover, and it seemed there was a lot of blue, a couple of people on the front. I'll have to go back to check it out, I hope to at some point. But if anyone out there has any good Steam punk titles to throw at me, I wouldn't mind taking them into consideration.

I already know I'm going to have a character who is considered an inventor by his siblings. He's young adult and just this past week he has been coming into focus more and more. His name is Joha. He is one of Dracula's sons. I know that we, as writers, all have someone we pattern a character after, in looks or personality. It's fun to do this. Joha has been always sort of dower, quiet. At first he played the guitar, but now I'm seeing him in a new light. He is quite the inventor.

So, as I sit here trying to get my brain back into place--some day they may discover that bus driving causes minor concussions and brain damage results. I'll use it as my excuse, anyway.

Now that I'm busy, I'm not able to post as much. A lot of my focus will be on the WIP's. I won't get around to everyone that I'd like and I hope you'll all forgive me. I'll do a little more on the weekends.

Tomorrow I will be posting a new Sumiko REads. I think these might interest those of you out there who like these incredibly imaginative fantasies.

Next week I hope to put up an interview of someone I've come to know on another writer's site, and he is not yet published, but he works very hard at it.


  1. That would be a great combo if you added in Steam Punk! I love that idea!

  2. Yeah. I think it would be. Just a natrual jump from what I was intending anyway.


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