Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Love Vampires Month

Hey! I made it home, thanks to my husband's driving skills and my second pair of eyes to keep him out of the ditch! The blizzard hit just as we were getting off work and we still had to get home in the white-out conditions. I sort of feel like the lady in Dracula's arms right now. That was a long day of driving in bad winter conditions and making sure that everyone around me was safe!

So, we are not moving until this thing is over, which means we may not get to work until Thursday. Which is fine by me, as I've got a love scene--well, I think it's technically a sex scene because love has very little to do with it--to write between Sabrina and Jett. Just have to have these two roll in the grass at least once. And Sabrina initiates it.

Also, noting that I've managed to land myself on Suburban Vampire Blog this month. *applause* "Thank you." And I've got to come up with something for Cathrine. I may have to pull a scene from my book Vampire Ascending. I'll have until the 15th to post, so I've got a little while. Anyway, Vampire lovers may want to just check out this blog this month, sounds like there will be some give aways and great things to discover.

Up Date: Back to the weather. Actually, what we drove through coming home isn't even the worst of it, yet. There's supposed to be "Thunder snow", and the snow will come down so heavily it will be 1"-3" per hour. Glad I'm home! When NIU's president gets the word on this and actually announces "classes are canceled" the professors will have probably already canceled classes.

And people were diving into the grocery store today, and a bunch of people on my bus had to run in and grab somethings. One guy told me that he saw the ultimate: one woman had two carts--one was actually filled with toilet paper!!! "Uh, this is just a one day thing, lady, it's going to clear up on Thrusday."
I think I'll go and unwind from my day.


  1. Congrats on getting on Suburban Vampire! Whoo hoo! And on getting home safe. Sorry, writer priorities. ;)

  2. Thanks Heather. Going to just chill (lol) here for a day or so.


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