Thursday, February 10, 2011

Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, Production to begin in April

I've been saying all along that Depp should play a vampire.

Well, I think I've got my wish come true. And it sounds brilliant to me. Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are teaming up again, this time to do a film adaptation of the TV soap opera Dark Shadows, which aired from 1966-1971.

Depp says that playing Barnabas Collins is a life-long dream/obsession for the actor to portray. The original Collins in the moody, atmospheric soap opera was played by Jonathan Frid, and originally the part was intended to be short-lived. However Frid made quite a sensation in the daytime soap playing a 175-year-old vampire who stalks the town of Collinsport, Maine, pining for his lost love. As a result, this TV series went on for the next 4years, and has had a cult following ever since.

Depp explains that he was “...obsessed with Barnabas Collins. I have photographs of me holding his posters when I was five or six.” And now that Depp has finished up the Pirates of Caribbean playing Jack Sparrow—who he says the character can simply not go any further—he can begin the work on this film (I've not seen any up-dates on when, but it was said in April or May of 2011—I think!)

His thoughts on the recent up swing of interest in vampire movies and books is that it's like any folk or fairytale—it has a “power to it” . . . “There's something symbolic about it that touches people in different ways.”*

All the articles that I've been able to pull up have talked of a release in 2011, and if that holds true, it will be up against the final Twilight film “Breaking Dawn”. Unless, of course, they wait until the following year.

From another more current article I've just viewed, they have pushed back the production start until April.

Well, I can hardly wait. What about all of you???

*Quotes taken from original article from Yahoo Movies July of 2009


  1. I am looking forward to seeing this. I didn't even know Dark Shadows existed until this year, but I know the appeal it had when it first aired.

  2. I am too. I remember watching it and was so disappointed when it ended. I had no idea there were lots of people who felt the same and began a cult following.

  3. I have the first season on DVD, which I purchased from Amazon, and it's just as enthralling as when it originally aired. I can't wait for the Depp version!

    Love the Depp/Barnabas picture in the sidebar--Can I use it?

  4. Wow! Johnny Depp & Tim Burton on Dark Shadows?! I'm beyond excited. I can hardly wait!

  5. Lizz, I grabbed it from my Writer's Digest group "Vampire Literature", someone had it there. So, go ahead. I love it too!

    I will try and keep tabs on this best I can, guys. You'll know more, when I know more--unless you see something out there before me. Let me know!

  6. Johnny teaming up with Tim Burton is always a good idea IMO. I haven't really found a bad one yet. This is great news because he is so good at complex. Thanks for the post.


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