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Re Post of Interview With a Vampire Magnate, Bjorn Tremayne

Interview with Bjorn Tremayne

by Melissa Bean of Vampire Nite Times

Melissa: I've been given a special opportunity to interview Bjorn Tremayne, one of the most powerful vampire magnates of America, owner and CEO of Tremayne Towers in Chicago. I've been granted a rare opportunity to speak to him tonight via phone.

Hello, Mr. Tremayne?

Tremayne: Hello

Melissa: How are you tonight?

Tremayne: As well as can be expected.

Melissa: Mr. Tremayne can I ask you where you are at this moment, as we're on the phone and I've been given absolutely no information on your whereabouts at all?

Tremayne: I can't give out that information at this time.

Melissa: Well, maybe that isn't important for the moment. Let me just ask you this. Is it true that you've been incarcerated for breaking one of the major vampire laws?

Tremayne: That's correct.

Melissa: May I ask which one you broke?

Tremayne: I drained a human.

Melissa: I see. So, how does one incarcerate a vampire who is over one thousand years old?

Tremayne: (Sigh) It isn't easy, but let's just say that other vampires can't enter, but it doesn't bother me to be here at all. Other than that I can't tell you anything else.

Melissa: I see, I see. Well, then let's go on to other more interesting topics, shall we? What happened that put you into this mess?

Tremayne: That's a very long story I'd rather not go into here.

Melissa: Very well. Just for our audience, in case there are non-vampires out there [listening/reading] and you and I know the vampire codes are complicated, however to drain a human has been illegal for about one hundred years. Isn't that correct, Mr. Tremayne?

Tremayne: That's right. Only rogues hunt and drain humans. The World Wide Vampire Alliance has been in place for over two hundred years, we organized in 1835, and have had vampire lords in place ruling over certain countries for the same period.

Melissa: Can you tell our audience why it is that humans aren't drained any more, because any of us who have been around for more than two centuries do remember the old days, but those who are younger wouldn't. And, certainly you would remember it, since you're more than a thousand years old.

Tremayne: Yes. I do remember the old days. They were difficult on vampires who wanted to remain unseen, and yet live among the humans. Some of us were pretty good at pretending we were part of society in order to move about the human world, yet we could not be able to go out during the daylight, and we could pretend to eat a meal, like other humans around us, but our unusual habits drew suspicion. But the most difficult part was gaining human donors. For the most part we would keep the same donors, but, as you know, the tell-tale marks on the human and the fact that they lost blood, plus their loyalty to us would begin to show. They would leave their homes in order to be with us, and this would set off all sorts of problems for us. Our discovery caused us to be hunted, rather than the other way around. We had to come up with a solution for this problem, as our numbers were dwindling.

Melissa: So, you organized?
Tremayne: That's right. We had to affiliate ourselves with those in Dark Realm before that could happen.
Melissa: Why was that so important?

Tremayne: There was no way we could police ourselves. So, the Watchers placed demons in our world so as to keep us honest.
Melissa: Why were these demons so special that they could police vampires?

Tremayne: Ba'al Demon blood is lethal to us. To bite one would be tantamount to suicide. Their blood is not only deadly, it burns, and once it's on us, it eats away our flesh. We'd be dead inside of a few hours even with only a drop on us.

Melissa: Just for the sake of our non-vampire audience, can you tell me what these demons look like?

Tremayne: They disguise themselves to look like any other human. Unlike us they can move around during the daylight hours, in the sunlight, if they wish. But holy water burns them, and they wouldn't be able to enter a church. I understand it feels very uncomfortable to them.

Melissa: Which is just deserts.

Melissa: So, who is in charge while you await your trial?

Tremayne: Nicolas.

Melissa: Do you know when your trial will be?

Tremayne: No. The Dark Realm doesn't operate on Earth time. They generally go by the alignment of stars or something as archaic. (laughs) They are going to notify me within a twenty-four hour period of the trial so that I can get ready for it.

Melissa: As if one can prepare for a trail in Dark Realm.

Tremayne: No kidding. But I do have a witness and will need to get in touch with her.

Melissa: Who is your witness?

Tremayne: Sabrina Strong. She's my newest addition to my team. She's my clairvoyant.

Melissa: I've heard some interesting things about Ms. Strong. Is it true she is the sibyl?

Tremayne: I have not had any confirmation on this.

Melissa: Is it true that you've added her to your harem?

Tremayne: No. Where did you hear that? She works for me.

Melissa: It wouldn't be the first time a vampire lord would take someone from their own camarilla to bed, or to take their blood. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe it wouldn't be the first time you've done this, Mr. Tremayne?

Tremayne: Well, certainly it wouldn't be the first time or the last time, but whatever our relationship is is no one's business. Ms. Strong is a very a talented clairvoyant. She was able to find Letitia's murderer.

Melissa: Were you surprised at who it turned out to be?

Tremayne: In a way, yes. All that is behind me, however. I'll just be happy to get this trial over with.

Melissa: Well, I for one will be interested in seeing how this all turns out for you. I wish you the very best of luck.

Tremayne: Thank you.

 Bjorn Tremayne is a character from Lorelei Bell's Vampire Ascending, and the soon to be released sequell Vampire's Trill, publication date to be announced!


  1. Great interview! This was so much fun! I love this idea and hope you plan to do more posts like it. Awesome!

  2. Thanks, Heather. I hope to--without giving too much away in the book. But give people a little nudge to be interested.


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