Friday, April 15, 2011

Bumper Stickers Suck

Who hasn't been stuck in traffic and with nothing better to do you look at the bumper of the car or truck in front of you? Hopefully there's some reading material, because for me my day gets really tedious driving this bus around and around for 7 hours a day.

You see a variety of stickers, they might be political, like old signs from an election campaign. Sport teams are a popular one. Sometimes they spout off religious or belief systems. You have your fish people and you have your Darwin people, of course that aren't really bumper stickers but permanent. There was a bumper sticker I saw the other day that proclaimed: “Planned Parenthood Is Really Planned Barrenhood”. I'm not sure what the point was of that one, if they are trying to make people mad at them who don't agree or what.

However there are the usual ones that don't offend, and get you to chuckling. There are the risque ones as well. I'm not sure what the little boy with the mean face peeing is all about, but that one really annoys me.

There's even those stick people in the windows of vans and such where you can see how many kids and pets they have. Those are fun.

My favorite one of the week goes to the blond chick in a yellow Jeep. She had other stickers, but this one was fresh:

“Silly Boy, Jeeps Are For Girls”

Do you have a favorite one? Share it!

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