Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Review by Tony Martin, Northern Star Columnest

Okay so, I'd been waiting basically at least since autumn when I first approached Tony Martin about my book. Tony, I've learned, is an NIU student, rides my bus and is also an English Major.

When I first told him about it, he seemed okay with the idea. I think it took a little prodding from me, and encouragement a few times about buying the book before Borders closed its doors in DeKalb for the last time.

He definitely bought the book (I had my spies at Borders), and told me that it would beat reading Shakespeare for a change.

I knew that he was going to read it over break because he told me this. So, I waited. Spring break had come and gone and I was picking Tony up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with nary a word from him except a very friendly hello, and thank you at the end of his ride.

Then, Monday when he got on he asked me if I only drove the #2 route. I said yes, and that I'd been driving for about 12 years now--basically 11 & 1/2--and he said it was "for the article".

Okay, sure I was a bit apprehensive about this, because I've been reading Tony's articles. His column is called "Tony Martin Reviews Your Life". He reviews bands, music and whatever suits him. I think this might have been his first book review. He doesn't give everyone a 5-star rating. So, I had to wonder what I would get. I had to wonder what he would say about it. I mean, this is not only a guy, but a frigging ENGLISH MAJOR.

So, last night I was getting off my bus for the last time and there he was smoking a cigarette, waiting to get on the bus. He said "I've just handed in the article to my editor; it should be in the paper in the next few days."

"Okay, so, it's good, right?" I asked.

He slid me an unreadable look, taking a drag on his cigarette. He said, "I won't spoil the surprise for you."

Okay. Now I'll just have a sleepless night thinking about that, were my thoughts.

Well, I actually did have a sleepless night, thinking about everything, including a description of the second book, which I just had to get up and turn on lights and write that down. Once I do this, folks, there's no hope of real sleep--until two hours before I need to get up. So, I was not firing all pistons this morning, and I completely forgot about checking the Northern Star until my husband picked it up for all the sensational headlines on the front cover about a shooting. Well, I said never mind all that, where's my article?

Here it is, if you'd like to read it, click HERE.


  1. I'm not sure your link is working, but I found the review here:

    It's a great one. Congrats!!

  2. Yes. I had trouble with it. I had to link it through my facebook. Sorry.

    Other than this i would have had to direct you to the northern star and make you jump through various hoops and I just couldn't do that. I'm not sure why it wouldn't go. After the second try, I gave up and went with the facebook, so anyone who can access that can read it.

  3. Found it with a bit of clicking!

  4. Well, thanks for being so patent Heather!


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