Saturday, April 9, 2011

Upheaval - Kitchen Renovations & Reminder for Contest TOMORROW

Earlier this morning, we got things moved from the kitchen into the other rooms. The refrigerator, freezer and small table all are moved and we've rearranged living room to accommodate the way we will have to live for the weeks coming up, since starting this coming Monday will begin the tearing/ripping out of the cabinets and so forth. What a mess that will be. Fortunately we won't be here while that happens. We'll be at work. Dennis, the king of organization, planned out how we would have to move the tables and so forth to where we would best utilize them. The microwave and coffee maker will be in the living room. Various food items are placed in--of all things--ice chests (which are easy to open and keep the food inside from getting anything on them, and out of the way). And a little bit of spring cleaning sort of went along with it in certain areas. But we didn't get too overly wild on this, as whatever the mess will create in as far as dust will get all over everything.

So, if you don't hear from me in a while--after tomorrow that is--don't panic. I'll be around and try and do a few things in here. But otherwise I'll have to probably deal with the mess and clean up. We went and bought paper plates and plastic cups and so forth so that when we don't have a sink to use, we'll be able to at least eat on something and throw it all out. Well, I never liked doing dishes anyway. But, once I have a new kitchen cooking and cleaning will really be less of a chore. I'll actually have a floor I can wash! That old carpet that was put down was ugly to begin with and got uglier as time went by, and just not the type of place I wanted to invite guests in. I just hope that the job is done right. The forest preserve is using their own people to do the work to save labor costs. Which is fine, as long as we get a kitchen and some doors and such put in as well. I have no way of posting a before and after picture, but that's okay. I, at least know what it looked like. But I will take a cell phone picture just to be able to look back at it.

But all of you who want to join in the fun tomorrow on Fangtastic Books for the give-away, stop by. I will post the link or something here so that you can hop over there, leave a comment and try and win an eBook.

Good luck to you all, Roxanne will pick the winner for me and I will be contacted by her about the winner. I'm not sure how long the contest will be up for, so you'll want to get there early.

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