Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home Sick

I suppose that being sick has two sides to it. For one, you get to stay home (yeay), but for another you feel like crap and hardly feel well enough to do very much of anything. I mean, a whole day is wasted. You aren't making money because you're home and you feel so cruddy, you can't do much of anything but lay around.

This cold is brought to us by supervisor of park who had been working in here all last week, didn't say he was sick and yet he was hacking all over the place. Got Dennis sick first, and me next. I worked sick yesterday. Just couldn't do it today I felt so bad. But also, I don't want to spread my germs and at least our work place has the wisdom to say "if you are sick, just stay home" When we had the bird flu (or whatever it had morphed into) come through the place about one or two years ago, they began that policy. You can't run a bus company (where people are needed to drive buses), if everyone is sick.

So, through the night I kept waking up. Each time I did for some reason I had in my head the newly wedded royals, the wedding, and what they might be up to now adays. I wondered what they had for breakfast. Silly me. Must be the cold doing things to my brain. But whatever. I mean I could be thinking of far dumber things, couldn't I? Well, aside from the fact I wish I'd invested in an alpaca farm in my 40's, but hey. Who knew?

So, I'm going to try and do something while I can hold my head up for the time being.

I'll announce the winner of the book give-away when I know it, which should be some time today, since the contest was over last night. I thank everyone who did come by and I enjoyed your comments. . . . A-a-a-choo!


  1. Thanks Jen. Just as well I'm home, I wasn't feeling too good yesterday.

    Dennis brought me a twig of crabapple flowers and put them in a vase. (:

  2. I just found your awesome blog - now following. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Welcome, Sylvia! So happy to have you stop and say hi!

  4. Awww, bless you.

    As for the newlyweds, I have it on good authority, they eat leaks on toast for breakfast ;)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Oh, thank you Madam Blogger. Now my mind can rest from this quandry for sure LOL!

    And I'm working on the latter part. My husband went to town on his lunch break and bought all sorts of meds and oranges and din-din. What a guy!


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