Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rapture or Not, This is a Great Day!

Okay, I'm pretty sure the sky did not open up yesterday and the Rapture did not happen as predicted. *mopping brow now*

I found this picture and couldn't help myself. Really. I couldn't. [devious laughter]

My husband and I went for a walk out in our park--the south end, since it's new and has rushing water over large limestone boulders that sort of reminds us of places a thousand miles away from here (but isn't by a long shot), and admired some of the spring flowers coming up.
We are beginning to see the warmer, more humid temperatures leak up this way, so, my husband put in one air conditioner in our dining room. Now he is to rest. He wasn't supposed to do anything like this, but I can't control him. Honestly.

Meanwhile I did some house cleaning--a near spring cleaning. I did a little more than I'd intended, as I wanted to get the one extra book case (there were 3), out of my office so I could open up the windows and let some air in. Sort of crowded in here. We had it in here to make room to accommodate the kitchen stuff which we stored in living room and dining room. Almost there. Almost.

I've been reading Janet Evanovich's Wicked Apatite, and I'm not sure if I want to review it, as it took me half way into the book to actually find some enjoyable moments. Plus, I'm not quite done with it. I'll have to say right now it isn't really a great read, as her Stephanie Plum character leaks into this other character a little too much. I hate to give bad reviews, so I think I'll just pass on giving one at all on this one.

I'm reading Charlaine Harris' book too, and so far it's a good read. A bit better than the last one, but again, I'm not finished and want hold my review for the end of this one.

I've been working on descriptions of my next book, and find from time to time I've worked something new, or slightly changed a line here or there, and just did so now. I may just put that up for a post this week. Trying to find some poignant picture to go with it, however. There is no way of knowing what my publisher will find for the cover of the next book. I'd like to see gloved hands--the gloves are black lace--with claws slicing through the ends, while clutching a dagger. How's that strike you?

All for the time being. I hope everyone is fine after yesterday's (bogus) End of The World parties.

I think it's almost time for strawberries on lactose free vanilla ice cream. What do you like as a cool-off in hot weather?


  1. Oooo, I like the sound of that cover! Creepy and mysterious. And icecream is always a must for me during the warm weather months. I can hardly wait!

  2. Yeah. I've indulged already and watching the radar. Tornado watch for us--the usual stuff for this time of year. Very windy too.

  3. Hi, Lorelei. I've been missing in action a bit, but tomorrow's post will explain. I'm quite sure that the rapture will not occur until my Chicago Cubs are one out away from winning the World Series, preventing it from happening. Why the Lord dislikes my Cubs so much, I have no idea...but I hope to ask Him one day! Lol! Seriously, I'm looking forward to heaven as much as the next person, but I pretty much tune the folks out as soon as they begin giving the date.
    I like to cool off with Air Conditioning!!! It gets 110 degrees for us here in the Central California valley in the summer.
    Take care, my friend.


  4. Alright, my friend, Jimmy sounded off on everything mentioned, and I will have to stop by and see how things went with you on your "adventure".

    110! I'd have to demand a.c. and an ice bath!

    And, yeah, this was also my explanation about corilation of the Cubs going to the World Series and winning and the end of the

  5. Ice Tea. Chocolate. Wish I could have a glass of wine, but I've got allergies.

  6. Aw, Shelly. But you got chocolate, right????


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