Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Tornado of Yesterday

This was posted at the DeKalb Chronicle facebook page by Rona Hardt. It was seen south of Rout 3o, west of Waterman.

Our house is approximately 1 mile southwest of Waterman, and Rt 30 runs through the town. Dennis told me that when he'd gotten into his truck yesterday to come and pick me up at about 1:45 p.m. all had gone quiet. Not even the birds were singing. It was dead calm. I'm figuring that the tornado was about to make its appearance where this woman lived and bravely took a snap of it over the field.

In some cases we had hail, 2-3" of rain that fell within a half hour. In a town in northern DeKalb county, they had 5", in one area. Nothing in another.

I read no reports of any injuries. Mostly fields, which were just planted, were ruined, and are still under water.

So, this is the day after story, folks. I didn't know there had been a touch-down of a tornado. A little digging around got me this photo. Pretty amazing, and really scary.


  1. That hit way to close to home girl! I can hardly believe the weather this year.

  2. It is pretty crazy. Floods, tornadoes and tsunamies. What next?


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