Friday, June 24, 2011

A Hodgepodge

Just in case you needed telling.
For me, it was a Last-day-of-work-for-9-days Friday, and I go back on the 4th (my husband reminds me) and make time and a half. Hopefully I won't have to wait to get paid for it like the last time. But I doubt it, since it probably really embarrassed the payroll guy. I was happy to see Retro on my pay check today for that blunder and a half.

Anyway, going to take a few days off to write and a few to go have a little fun, go for a few little get-away days to a few of our favorite haunts. Have lunch and do a few other things.

This picture is the one that I've chosen to represent a character in my third book. Her name is Penelope. Penelope is not everything she seems, but the big blue eyes and blond hair, pretty--yes. This is her, what I picture her to look like. She is one of the major players in the third book. I won't go into it here, since the third book is a ways off, yet, and the second one is yet to come out. So I won't tease you too much.

Well, maybe a little.

I have some places you might like to pop in to check out.

First up. Our little Buffy has grown up. Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to be in a new show called Ringers. She plays a twin--well she plays both rolls obviously. She gets to play her "evil" twin. Cool. Catch the short but to the point bit on this, plus some other Buffy stuff, here at Vampire Wire.

Let's see. What else do I have in my bag of tricks? You'll forgive me, but I've been collecting these for a while, so if they sound familiar, just pass them up.

This one I just ran across today, thanks to blogger friend, Shelly. If you are thinking of Indi Publishing, read this and be sure to always copyright your writing! There has been news of people pirating other people's books off of Amazon, and Amazon doesn't seem to give a flying fig. Check this out HERE.

Oh and if you have not checked out The Blog Entourage, you should do that too. Some great people there. You can find them on facebook too! You can do some promotion there. In fact this weekend is a freebee weekend and I'm going to promo my ass off!

And finally, if you are a Stalker--I love you, stalk all you want here, I won't stop you--here's where I do my shameless promo here {-;

If you've not yet read Vampire Ascending, you should. How do I convince you you need to read this book? I've had one young lady who is a Twilight fan tell me she read it in one day and could NOT PUT IT DOWN! I've had a lot of good reviews on it, too. This one is my all time favorite to date at Shelly's Novice Writings. And if you intend to buy it soon (either eBook, or book) you can do so at the link, just hit the title and you will find reviews and a synopsis, and a first chapter, even a little bit about me. But if you're a stalker, you already know quite a bit about me, don't you??? Anyway, you don't want to be left behind, as I'm on my third book now, and the second one is with my publisher. Sabrina's escapades are just going to get crazier, and always, ALWAYS will have HOT GUYS vying for her attentions.

Don't be left out! I'm just saying.

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