Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving Refrigerators, and Other Such Stunts

We had a very busy morning. Began very early with park checks. We have 4 shelter rentals today, and about 200 people showing up, so we wanted to get everything prepared for that, and get out of there before the dog walkers came out.

As we did this, dark clouds with rain sort of made an appearance, but mainly skirted us, and so we were able to get back with nary a few drops to contend with.

Today was moving the refrigerator back into the kitchen.

Yesterday we bought new curtains and hung them. I'll tell you something, you might not think so, but putting up curtains in a room, just makes it feel like home. Every time I went into the kitchen I was stunned thinking, "Is this my kitchen now?" Dennis said he keeps thinking it was someone else's kitchen.

We've been "living" basically in the dining room for two months. The kitchen table has been in there for more than a year--because, I kid you not, the way the kitchen was before was just not the place we wanted to eat in. Bad enough we had to cook in it.

So, we got the dolly out of the shop, brought it up and still wondered how we were going to get the refrigerator up over the now 3" hump that they put on the threshold. I'm not sure why they did it this way, but they put in a piece of wood as a threshold. Looks nice, but we're trying not to stub our toes. Getting the refrigerator over this became a problem, we soon learned, because the dolly wheels were rather small, they were not going to go up over it.

We thought about this for a while. I suggested we turn the refrigerator around, and get it over the threshold, instead.

But, we needed the dolly in the kitchen, or we'd scratch up the new floor.

Meanwhile water drained out of the reservoir in the back of the refrigerator. Yuck. We used an old towel, an older mop and paper towels to clean it up, eventually.

Dennis had an idea. He measured the laundry room window. The dolly would fit through, and so we did what we planned, got the refrigerator up over the hump. Me inside the kitchen. I went to the laundry room window and opened it. Dennis lifted the heavy dolly in, and it just squeaked through. Then, Dennis had to climb up on a ladder, and got in, with just a few scrapes, but we had the dolly in the kitchen. I sort of felt like we were two thirds of The Stooges trying to figure this stuff out. But it worked.

We got the refrigerator leveled, plugged it in. We didn't hear it go on.

Dennis said he remembered that when we'd moved it before, it had to go through some defrost stage, probably because it had been moved, so we didn't panic too much. Eventually it did go on.

I mopped the rest of the floor.

We cleaned the inside of the refrigerator before we moved it, then we got the food all back into it.

After this, we cleaned off our table and chairs and moved those in--a much easier move, believe me!

We're about to have lunch and our first dinner in our new kitchen!

I don't know how many times Dennis kept going into the dining room to get something out of the refrigerator. Ha, ha. It's in the kitchen now!

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