Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Romance of The Victorian Age

Since my third book is taking shape--and I had originally decided that this world's styles are somewhere in the late 1870's--the Victorian Age--I thought I would go and see what I could find on Victorian dress.

I put in a search and found at least two that were easy to navagate for me. One was http://www.ladiesemporium.com/store/ladies_victorian_dresses.php

But my vavorite was Recollections. Both places you can shop for dresses and go back to the Victorian era. I went crazy snagging a number of the pictures for the dresses and suits my characters wear. I've been able to save them into another document and when I get time I'll enter the description of the fabric. Taffita was usually the fabric used.

There's a number of ball gowns, and even the more risque saloon dresses that I'll be using in the book. Like this one. The murdered woman worked in a salloon, and I thought this dress was a good choice. Notice the fringe and lace as well as the three tired ruffles.

Friday I'll share with you the ball gowns I thought were just beautiful, and a little bit more about some of the things they wore back then.


  1. That's one of the best things about writing historicals, researching the clothing! And what a great time period to research!

  2. ~Lorelei says:
    I agree, Heather. I've gotten obsessed with it now. I realize I have many of my grandmother's things from this era. I think I'm old fashioned in this way too.

  3. How interesting! And terrific that you have your grandmother's wardrobe!!!

  4. I love researching appopriate pieces for the time of my stories. It's easy to get carried away and spend so much time researching and looking through photos that I don't get back to the writing for a long time. Best of luck on this one!

  5. ~Lorelei Says:
    Oh, I'll say, Sylvia. It was hard for me to quit last night, but a storm came in, and it was past my bed time, but I went to working on figuring out some things on the climax.

    And Lizz, I have jewelry, a fur muff, and a few other misc. items. The knitted and crochetted doilies I cherrish and try to hold on to best I can. Also have a very, very old pin. My grandmother was from Norway.


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