Friday, July 22, 2011

New Interview up at Ramblings of an Unkept Mind

Since coming to blogspot a few years ago, I've gotten to know a few of you. And some of you have made the effort to get to know me and stuck around to see me get my first vampire novel published.
Marissa Farrar is one of such people I've known a few years and she has done an interview with me. If you'd like to get to know me a little better, head on over . . . Here

Oh, it has been a hot week--we, here in DeKalb, IL have seen 100 degrees three days in a row with heat indexes around 110-115, depending where you are. The heat is one thing, the humidity takes its toll on me. I can't breath. I made sure that any bus I drove had a.c., and there was one day the air conditioning on the bus I had worked, but not very well, thus I was having trouble, but I just went on. I think it might have fried my brain a little. I kept on forgetting to stop for the bell. But I would as soon as I saw that I had to. Sheesh!

I worry about my husband who is outside in this, but he quit early. Staying hydrated is tough. He said he would come in just saturated--his clothes all the way down to his skin. I don't know how other people can take this but we absolutely hate it. Must be my Norwegian and German ancestry, and Dennis' Swedish blood.

Today, thankfully, I'm off the bus. Was planning on seeing the HP#7 movie, but depends upon the weather. We don't want our black truck sitting in the sun heating up while we're in a cool theater and come out to that. We'll see though.

Hope you all have a great Friday. I'm possibly going to be on another blog today (Vampire Wire), if I see it come up I will post it.


  1. Wow that is hot! It sounds like you have our summer weather. It's been unusually cool and pleasant here, rarely breaking 80. My fingers are crossed that it will cool off and you'll get to go to the movie!

  2. Try to go tomorrow. Today was just going to the store. Since we don't have much to do tomorrow, I think it will work.


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