Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breathe Wednesday

Mountain view in Colorado
A beautiful photograph I came across this morning while trying to come up with a cabin mountain retreat for my vampires in fourth book. This one sort of took my breath away. I can almost feel the cool, (low humidity) crisp mountain air on my skin, breath in the pine scent, my eyes able to scan for miles.

I was only successful in finding homes that looked like homes built here in the Midwest--blachk! Unless I went to resorts or lodgings in the Rocky Mnts. I found something built in the middle of national forest, but it was ugly. And they wanted well over one million for it. I wouldn't pay them a dime. I did like the deck and the view (which is one of them above).

Grilling Deck
I could totally get into this deck. I love the view!

I was doing morning dishes when dialogue went through my head for when Sabrina, Rick (you'll meet Rick in second novel), and Tremayne arrive at this cabin. I like the idea that these are vampires who live here. Obviously they would have to hide in the lower portion of this cabin during the day.

This is from the fourth book, so don't worry if you can't figure out where I am. Justs enjoy the moment. Breath. (oh, and one werewolf hunk is introduced here)

"Seize the night, old man!" Lonny greeted us heartily. "Come in, come in. Welcome to Phantom Lodge--as we jokingly refer to it."

"Carpe noctem," Tremayne repeated the greeting in Latin for some reason. "I hope we're not too late. It took a while to find the place. Your road was absolutely terrible."

"Mountain roads usually are, especially a logging road. It keeps the tourists at bay. Except for those pesky four-wheeling idiots. But at any rate, we were just about to go below for the day."

"Below? Sounds like a ship, instead of a lodge," I said low.

Lonny's eyes slid to me.

Tremayne quickly remembered his manners. "Lonny, I'd like you to meet Sabrina. And this is Rick. This is Lonny Pennyweather, our host who will put us up for a few days."

Rick and I said hi to him. I kept my eyes down. Even though I was wearing the mystic ring,
I was following proper vampire etiquette.

"Yours? Indeed, Bjorn, you've always had a discerning eye for the female."

"She's not a  . . . donor." I caught Tremayne's adjusting his word for a woman donor. I knew he would have said blood doll. I detested that slang phrase.

Truly? You never mentioned this. However, I suppose we can share mine."

I rolled my eyes at the conversation, and then took in the rest of the cabin. I loved the stone fireplace, and the knotty pine (or was it cedar?), walls. The furnishings were more like that of a quaint lodge with Native American touches here and there. I fell in love with it right t away and truly wished there were no vampires here to interrupt my enjoyment of it.

"I'm sure you understand," Tremayne continued. "She's off limits." I had to admire that he wanted this to be clear. No one would sink a fang into me while we stayed here. If they did, the Dagger of Delphi might find a home in their heart. It was twitching at my side the moment we got here. I'd be more than happy to introduce them to it. Lonny's eyes darted from me back to Tremayne's. I could see the disappointment there. Oh well. 

"Well, Bjorn, you certainly travel light," Lonny said, still smiling.

"You should see my suit case," I quipped. Rick snickered beside me.

That was when a new person entered the room from a stairway. Dark, wavy hair that fell to his shoulders, blue eyes the color of mountain columbine. His worn jeans fit him like second skin, and the T-shirt he wore over what I could tell was a muscular build had a mountain scenery with an eagle on it. My senses told me he was full Were. Our eyes locked. I felt a tumbling in my heart.

"Ah, Chris. Come and meet our visitors," Lonny said.

Chris came forward and didn't shake Tremayne's hand--which was correct vampire etiquette. But he offered his hand to both myself and Rick. His hands were calloused, I noticed as he merely folded it around min and didn't pump. He did the same with Rick, seeing that he had no arms, and so was being extra careful.

"How do you do?" he said in a nice, slightly hoarse voice that made my heart tumble a bit more.

Grrrr! Okay, that's as far as I got. You like?

ALso, I see I have a new follower. Again, I cannnot see who my followers are, but welcome any way. Make yourself known if you wish, or you may retain your anonymity.

Speaking of which, I've reached the equal # of followers as my age--before my birthday at the end of this month. Wondering if I'll hit #58? Hmmm. But that isn't until the 28th. We'll see if I can do something special for that. Hopefully by then I'll have a release date on the second book. I'm still getting people asking me for it. Which is a good thing. They come out of the woodwork. Loving that part!

What have you all been up to? Have any good moments creating a scene or dialogue? Let me know. Love to hear from you guys.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Love this! I can hardly wait to read it! And your pictures, to die for! What an incredible view.

  2. I know, Heather. I miss being in the mountains this time of year. We aren't going west this year.

    Thanks for stopping and commenting, too.

  3. Good scene. I also love the picture.

    I'm glad to see you were able to figure out how to add the pages. I noticed you can't see your followers on the home page, but you can see them on the others. I'm not sure why this is unless one of the graphics or links in your sidebar is interfering on the home page. Best of luck on your fourth book!

  4. Thanks Sylvia. And Thank you for your tips, they sure did help!


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