Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Young Man Has Grown UP ~ Hunks Thursday

Radcliffe as Harry Potter in #7

Okay, is it a weird coincidence that my Page Views for last month on this blog total 666?!?
And I'm about to tell you about an upcoming film in which Mr. Daniel Radcliffe stars?

Radcliffe in "Woman In Black"
 This film is touted as one of the creepiest you'll see. Trailer HERE. I could not view it since I don't have Adobe Flash, but it you do, go for it!

Dan in his latest film "Woman In Black"
I'm guessing from some of what I've read that it's about a ghost that is tormenting a town, and possibly (but of course), Daniel is right in the thick of things! I understand if you're into creepy Victorian dolls, creepy little girls, and creepy mansions, this should get you frightened enough to make you forget about Voldermort. It is slated to come out February 3rd, 2012. My skin is just crawling!


  1. He most certainly has grown up. He is sooooooo hot!!! And I can't wait to see "Woman In Black"! I've seen the trailer. It does look so creepy. It's going to be awesome!

  2. "if you're into creepy Victorian dolls, creepy little girls, and creepy mansions"

    Haha! That should be on my business card! I can't wait for this film to come out. It is utterly my cup of tea! I saw the 1989 movie version of "The Woman in Black", years ago, and it was extremely creepy. Daniel Radcliffe will be playing a father in this film, believe it or not!

  3. Christina, I wish I could see it, but it will be shown at some point on commercials. And I was hoping some of you gals would come forward and tell me you think Radcliffe is quite a hottie!
    (Too young for me--alas!)

    And my Little Gothic Horrors, Perhaps you should put that on your business card and wear a pair of those crazy arm warmers when you pass them out. I gotta find me some!! Maybe Pier One?

    I didn't know it was a movie in 1989--got to find out more about this. Thanks!


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