Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teaser Tuesday ~ Vampire's Trill

I don't know about you, but I love vampire humor.

Well, kiddies, today is Teaser Tuesday and since I've got a novel poised to come out, barring hurricans, floods, and other natural desasters (oh, didn't you see yesterdays post about tornadoes???It was fantastic, and you should really check it out. The pictures alone will make you gasp!),  I don't see why it shouldn't be out this coming fall. . . ahem.

So, I opened up my docurment for Vampire's Trill, scrolled to some random page and viola!

Let's see what Sabrina is up to now!

Slinking off to the bathroom, I dressed. The jeans fit perfectly, so did the T-shirt, but I didn't use the bra, or the panties because that would be tacky, whether they fit me or not.

"Who's things are these?" I asked, coming out of the small bathroom.

"Those were Becky's."

"Becky?" I stood into the boots he had set on the floor. They were my size--lo and behold.

"Frank's womans' things," he added.

"Yeah. Hey, I'm sorry to hear about her--God." I stared down at the floor. I couldn't imagine how that must have been. She'd had blue eyes, and brown hair that she dyed blonde, and long fingernails that she went to get done weekly.  She was pretty, I thought. My inner eye was seeing her, mainly because I was wearing her clothes. F-ing great.

Okay my pretties! There you have it.

Also, a little celebration--I went over 80,000 words in my WIP, and I didn't even realize it. I was working on trying not to write all day. And darn it, the funniest thing happened. I wrote the damned scene I was trying to avoid. Doesn't that just beat all?


  1. Congrats on breaking 80k! And I love that scene, it gives us great insight into Sabrina. Teaser Tuesdays rock!


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