Saturday, October 22, 2011


So, you're in this strange neighborhood and want to see if you can scare up some damn darn good fun while trick-r-treating, and you stop at this house. Looks pretty creepy. There's some decorations in the window and spooky music playing and the lady of the house is damn darn good looking too.

She says "Welcome, and come in. I have something wonderful to GIVE you!"

 You aren't quite sure if you should have anything to drink out of that vat of--ewww! What the hell heck is that stuff?
You hedge about having anything she gives you and explain you have to "drive"--yeah right like that always works! But you ask if there isn't anything else she might have to give you, instead.

She says, "Why yes. But you'll have to be clever and really work at it and you can have this book."

"What's the book?" you ask.

"It's a wonderful book, and you can have it free! It's about vampires, shiftchangers, werewolves and, I might add--" she wiggles those strange calligraphic eyebrows at you "--hot men and sex scenes. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"She smiles evilly as though she can read your thoughts. Well, she did, but that's beside the point.

"Well, uh, sure. What do I have to do to get it?"

She laughs demonically. In fact you think she's a bit deranged, and you think about backing out of the door, but a guy has just creeped up behind you and scares the living shit crap poop pee of you.

Mr. Goolie
"You must come back on the 24th, Monday, and I will tell you exactly what you must do to earn the free book. There will be a scavenger hunt on this and other blogs," she explains. "And . . . if you don't return, I'll have Mr. Goolie come looking for you!"

That's when you bolt out the door. You hear her and Mr. Goolie laughing and they chime together saying, "Come back on Monday, or you'll be sooooorrrrrryyyyyy!"

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