Monday, October 3, 2011


Today I'd like to get you all pumped up on Decorations for Halloween! I've found a few good ones. For those of you who have a mote or a lake you might like this one: An inflatable pirate ship only $229.

But there are other less expensive decorations like these:
Walmart Witch with misting caldron

Escape from the Grave Zombie $49.99

Pre-lit spooky Willow Trees: $149/5 ft. tree - $89/3.5 ft. tree
I hope this has you excited about decorating. I'll have more in the coming weeks for sure!

Before I leave you, here are some inspirational websites to visit to charge you up for Halloween:
A Nostalgic Halloween
The Pumpkin Hollow (etsy shop! Very cute stuff!)

And before I leave you I'd like to invite you all to check out Katie Salidas' blog which is celebrating "Vampire Awareness Month" I will be on her blog as a guest host on the 8th, but she starts it up today. So go visit her!

Have a Dreaded Monday!

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