Saturday, October 15, 2011

John Everson - Oujiga Boards and Scary Urban Legends

Hello, my lovelies! How are you this wickedly splendid Saturday? Have you carved your pumpkins yet? Or ... are you waiting for someone to do that for you--hummmm?

Well I thought I would pass this along with a personal note as well. If you like contests to win books and other things you might want to go to Fangtastic Books and check out the contest going on with author John Everson's The Pumpkin Man, which is out now, but he's got some really cool prizes including music, signed copies of his books and so on.

I can happily say I've met John a few years back at the DeKalb Borders, and just to prove it, here's a picture of me and the other author they had there, Mike Kleen, who writes about known ghosts around Illinois.
Authors: John Everson, Lorelei Bell, Mike Kleen
 I had not been to an author signing before just to meet authors, and this was a great time to relax and meet two horror writers at the time. When I read John Everson's books his writing reminds me of horror writers of the 1980's. There's a method to his madness. Believe me his books are excellent. And I got a first book signed by him, Covenant, at the time (yay me!!), and he lives only 40 minutes away from me too.

Well, now he's written another one that is based on an urban legend. There is also Ouija board usage in it. It sounds really creepy about a serial killer who carves the faces of his victims on pumpkins and leaves them in place of the heads. Gruesome, for sure. If you ever met John you wouldn't believe he could come up with such things. But, hey, I do too, and you would probably say the same thing about me.

I've included the site to this and there's gobs of things to check out here, the prologue, store, plus cool/creepy music as well, just hit the link below. You can even try out the Ouija Board--if you dare!!!

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